7 Benefits of Swimming Pool Enclosures

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Planning

An outdoor pool can be an amazing asset to any home. However, New England’s unpredictable weather can turn your perfect pool party into a cold, rainy mess, and our ferocious winters mean that most pool enjoyment is limited to the warm summer months. Sunspace Design has an answer that can provide your family with poolside relaxation throughout the year. In this update we’ll cover seven of the top reasons why you should consider one of our custom designed and engineered swimming pool enclosures.
An interior photograph of a indoor swimming pool enclosure featuring rustic wood beams and an expansive glass roof system designed and constructed by Sunspace Design in Newton, Massachusetts


1. Swimming Pool Enclosures Save Money


A swimming pool, hot tub or spa enclosure can significantly reduce long term costs by simply keeping the water warm. Temperatures outside can be change quickly. A pool enclosure will keep your pool the perfect temperature year-round. A sophisticated environment control system can further enhance your enclosure by properly heating, cooling, and regulating humidity.


2. Indoor Swimming Pools Are Easier to Keep Clean


One of the biggest outdoor pool annoyances is the accumulation of dirt, leaves, and insects in the pool. The last thing you want to do on a hot summer day is fish leaves from the water before your family is able to cool off! A Sunspace swimming pool enclosure means no more leaves, no more dirt, and a much cleaner pool environment.


3. Enclosed Pools Require Fewer Chemical Irritants


Outdoor pool owners know that the right chemical balance is important. Introducing any chemical to stabilize or adjust pH in excess quantities can produce itchy eyes and skin in swimmers. Failure to use enough of these chemicals can produce clouded or green water due to bacterial or algal build-up. By enclosing your pool, you will dramatically reduce the pollutants, phosphates and pathogens that enter your pool water in the first place, thereby reducing the need for harmful chemicals to combat them.


An outdoor photograph of a very large indoor swimming pool enclosure built by Sunspace Design in Newton, Massachusetts


4. Natatoriums Provide Year-Round Fun


A pool enclosure ensures that you and your family can enjoy the water throughout the year. It becomes more and more difficult to find occasions to bring family and friends together in the modern age, but a pool enclosure provides your home with a unique focal point for entertainment. By tailoring the space to your specific needs, Sunspace can provide you with all of the amenities you’re after, and you’ll be left with a space you’re proud to bring people together in.


5. A Home Swimming Pool Replaces the Gym


Year-round access to your pool isn’t just a way to combat the winter blues: it’s also great for your health! Swimming is one of the best exercises for your body because every muscle group is enlisted, and swimmers experience minimal shock to their joints. This also makes swimming great for people with injuries or those who enjoy low-intensity workouts. There’s nothing more important than your family’s health. A swimming pool enclosure ensures that you and your loved ones will have a great option for staying fit throughout the year. It’s getting harder and harder to keep our children active, but most kids love a trip to the pool. You’ll benefit, too: keeping your pool open and available will give you a significant health and happiness boost, and you won’t have to deal with traveling to or from the gym in order to get a top quality workout.


6. Controlling Swimming Pool Access Ensures Safety


An enclosed pool not only prevents dirt and debris from entering your water, but it also prevents animals (such as beloved family pets) or small children from accidentally falling into the water. Your children will be able to play in the yard without such risks, and you’ll be able to more easily control who enters the pool area, and when.


7. Our Swimming Pool Enclosures are Stunningly Beautiful


Last but certainly not least: a Sunspace Design pool enclosure is the epitome of beauty! Our spaces are well ventilated, thermally regulated, and humidity controlled, but they’re also elegant and visually interesting. We use the very best materials  – mahogany frames, insulated glass, concealed steel – and our design team is capable of translating these materials into spaces in any style in order to meet your particular needs.

A pool enclosure is a great investment for anyone looking to save on costs, reduce pool maintenance, or provide their friends and family with a safe and relaxing recreation option throughout the year. The ability to use your pool even when the weather is less than favorable provides a huge psychological and physical benefit that many people overlook, and nothing is more important than your family’s health. Beyond this, Sunspace Design prides itself on being able to provide you with an elegant space that seamlessly ties into your home, either as a standalone element on your property or as a new space that is annexed. We do this by enlisting the best technologies, materials, and design principles.

Sunspace Design can help design and build the perfect pool enclosure for your specific needs. Contact us today for more information and see what we can do for you!

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