A Conservatory in Cambridge

by | May 22, 2017 | Construction

Today’s Construction Showcase entry features a gorgeous conservatory upgrade we introduced to a historic home in Harvard Square. Every now and again a project comes along that presents a new or interesting challenge, and this project is a great example. This residential glass conservatory project offers a unique blend of historical style and contemporary features. Because it’s located in the very center of a famous historical district, the approval of the Cambridge Historical Commission was required before home renovation efforts could begin. Sunspace Design worked with the homeowner to secure this approval.

As you can imagine, a seamless visual transition between the existing architecture and the new glass space was especially important in this case. Before we began, an aging greenhouse structure had to be removed. Sunspace also opened the wall into the existing home before adding a conservatory to the freshly cleared space. By enlarging this opening we were able to allow an abundance of natural sunlight to enter the residence’s main living areas.

To ensure that the space would remain pleasant in any season, we selected high-performance roof glass and doors from Marvin. High efficiency glass and windows enable great thermal regulation and long term performance without draining the budget. The resulting space is a bright, open room with a combination of contemporary and historically appropriate design elements.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the stages of construction work involved in bringing this gorgeous space to the heart of Cambridge:

Architectural drawings of a Sunspace Design glass conservatory located in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Structural elevations are essential to every Sunspace Design project.
Here are the Cambridge, MA conservatory’s side elevations.

A photograph of an outdated sunroom / greenhouse structure that's to be replaced by a brand new glass conservatory

A photograph of the outdated greenhouse structure that’s to be removed.
Work on the new conservatory will soon begin in earnest!

The existing, aging floor is being removed by Sunspace crew to ensure safety and performance in the new glass space

The existing, aging floor had to be removed to ensure safety and performance.
Sunspace Design uses a wide range of sunroom, greenhouse, and conservatory flooring options.

A conservatory floor in the process of being reframed and enlarged

Next up: reframing and enlarging the floor.
The new space will have a more accommodating footprint.

The reframed and enlarged floor provides a foundation for the early stages of wall framing

Doug is hard at work completing the early stages of wall framing.

A brand new LVL header has been installed in this glass conservatory renovation project

New LVL headers are installed…

A new LVL ridge has been installed to support the glass roof elements which will soon be introduced to the project

…along with a new LVL ridge.

Fresh panes of high performance glass have been added to the glass roof frame

The glass roof installation process begins.

Work on the conservatory's glass roof is completed with the addition of copper caps and flashings

Copper caps and flashings have been installed.
The roof’s glass installation is complete.

An interior view of the conservatory in the hours before trim work is set to begin

The interior is ready for trim work to begin.

An exterior view of the nearly-complete conservatory

The exterior of the conservatory structure is nearing completion.

An exterior view of the finished conservatory portraying the seamless transition between the existing architecture and the new space

An exterior view of the finished conservatory.
Note how the style is a perfect match with the existing structure.

A view of the conservatory's seating area and wide hardwood floor

An interior shot of the conservatory’s seating area.
This is a perfect spot for dining, relaxation, and entertainment.

A view of the interior of the house from the perspective of the conservatory's edge; ample levels of natural light penetrate the house

This view depicts the interior of the home as seen from the conservatory’s edge.
By enlarging the wall opening, we’ve ensured that this house will receive amazing light levels.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide great work even when there are unique challenges to be faced. Perhaps you’re concerned that you don’t have enough room for a home addition, or that there isn’t an option that’s right for your home, or that any home addition you pursue will fail to match your existing home’s style and design.

We can put those concerns to rest. Whatever your requirements may be, Sunspace Design has the perfect option for you.

If you’d like to learn more about how your home can benefit from a project like the one featured here (or any of our other product lines), don’t hesitate to reach out to us! You can use our convenient contact form at sunspacedesign.com, send an email to info@sunspacedesign.com, or reach us on the phone at 1-800-530-2505. We look forward to hearing from you!

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