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Over 35 Years of Excellence Designing and Building Glass Structures

Sunspace Design has been a pioneer in the glass structure industry since 1981. We specialize in the design and installation of custom-engineered glass roof systems, elegant Victorian-style conservatories, orangeries, sunrooms, and skylights of all types. Our range of featured products also includes swimming pool enclosures and greenhouses as well as entirely custom glass space designs capable of achieving your unique goals. We have been and proudly remain the top choice in the industry for satisfied customers throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and southern New England, and we’re eager to bring the Sunspace touch to your project soon.

We are unique among conservatory and sunroom construction companies because our personnel provide expert service for each project from start to finish. We provide guidance from initial consultation, to design, to site building and field installation, to ensuring compliance with local code requirements. Utilizing a collaborative team approach to bring each concept to reality, Sunspace Design vows to pay careful attention to every detail and to your particular vision. This process enables us to deliver tremendous value to our customers. This value is most clearly represented by the high quality products we offer at prices lower than those of our competitors, but it also shows in our time-tested approach to ensuring customer satisfaction at each step of the journey.

Our wood products are made from solid mahogany components, our designs incorporate windows and doors from America’s top manufacturers, and our energy efficient, high-performing insulated glass is crafted by top glass producers. When designed and engineered by our expert team, these materials become beautiful spaces that will transform your home and find a place in your family’s traditions.

If you are considering a Victorian conservatory, orangery, sunroom, swimming pool enclosure, greenhouse, skylight, or custom roof system, please explore our website and don’t hesitate to contact us. We are confident in our ability to offer a product superior to the competition, and we look forward to serving you with our versatility, affordability, and commitment to excellence.


Thomas J. Nigro
Thomas J. Nigro, President and Owner

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