A Beachside Conservatory in Cape Neddick, ME

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Construction

The Sunspace Design blog is the best place to review our latest field work. Today we’re proud to offer a behind the scenes look at a project we first announced in early 2021. Designed and built for clients located in Cape Neddick, Maine, this is a two part project involving the addition of a custom conservatory as well as a third floor balcony skylight. We’re exploring the conservatory construction process in this post, but be sure to check back soon for a separate post detailing the skylight’s start to finish journey.

To execute this project, Sunspace Design teamed with architects from Portsmouth’s Fiorentino Group, and Seabrook’s Ragusa Builders, who served as the general contractor. The conservatory featured here enhances the client’s already resplendent property by adding nearly 250 square feet of interior space and providing incredible views of the nearby ocean. In addition to coordinating the build with the architect and general contractor, Sunspace Design provided the manufacture of all mahogany components and completed the field installation. The conservatory makes use of tempered glass units whose low-E and argon gas properties provide great insulation—a perfect choice for New England glass construction. Let’s explore the build process.

An overview of the conservatory skylight illustrating the glass roof’s steel hip.

Sunspace installers begin the process of setting the custom mahogany beams for the conservatory roof.

The conservatory skylight’s solid mahogany roof frame is now in place.

With the frame in place, our team begins initial work on the glazing system.

Our crane operator begins lifting insulated, high performance, low-E glass for installation.

With the insulated glass securely in place, the roof is made temporarily water tight ahead of rain.
We adjust our construction process as needed to address the forecast.

Installation of copper flashing and capping begins.

Copper work on the conservatory skylight is nearly complete.

The conservatory’s custom mahogany and insulated glass roof is complete.
Next up: interior work.

Work on the interior continues. Look at those views of the coast!

When complete, the conservatory will provide panoramic oceanfront views.

We’re proud to call ourselves glass design and construction experts, and the nearly 45 year period we’ve been operating throughout New England is testament to that expertise. Sunspace Design can help with projects of any size and scope in commercial or residential spaces. We can serve as a start to finish design-build firm by providing general contracting services, or we can partner up with other architects and builders to serve as a specialist subcontractor as needed. We also offer the design and manufacture of key glass components or the creation of fully engineered drawings to assist you in a hands off capacity. Look no further than Sunspace Design if you’re ready to revolutionize your space by harnessing the power and beauty of glass construction. Use our website’s contact form, send an email to info@sunspacedesign.com, or call us on the phone at 1-800-530-2505 to begin your journey with us.

Original Post Date: 2023-04-18
Last Updated: 2023-12-07

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