A Conservatory Roof in Sea Island, GA

by | Oct 10, 2023 | Construction

Today’s journey takes us beyond our usual New England service area all the way to Sea Island, Georgia. In this special build journal, we’ll be showing you the creation of a custom glass conservatory roof transported to our southern clients in order to seamlessly blend nature with architecture. Spanning an impressive 14′ x 16′, this mahogany-framed gem promises to be a testament to the beauty of our glass design craftsmanship for years to come.

Our role in this project goes beyond geographical boundaries. Among other things, what sets this project apart is the journey itself. From the design phase to meticulous construction in the Sunspace Design woodworking shop, every detail of this conservatory roof was crafted with precision and care. Then, with the glass roof components carefully disassembled and packed into a truck, our team embarked on a cross-country adventure where the pieces were meticulously reassembled, bringing this stunning vision to life.

Collaborating closely with Ussery-Rule Architects, P.C and the experienced team at Joe Bowles Construction, both hailing from St. Simons Island, Sunspace proudly maintained its standard for architectural excellence in glass construction and design. Stay with us as we unveil the magic of merging artistry, nature, and design on the beautiful shores of Sea Island.

Front and side elevations showing the property with the new glass conservatory.
These drawings were provided by the architect.

Sunspace-provided drawings for the project.
Note the rafter plan (top) and a front cross section of the conservatory roof (bottom).

An engineered drawing of the eave detail from the curb up.

The large conservatory roof frame is being assembled outside the Sunspace workshop.

The mahogany conservatory roof with a steel ridge beam has been assembled.
White primer has been applied by the Sunspace team.

The unit has been carefully disassembled and loaded into a truck.
Next stop: Georgia!

The conservatory roof is reassembled at the job site ahead of being crane-lifted into position.

The general contractor has provided the conventional wall framing.

The conservatory is ready to receive the glass roof!

A crane operator lifts the fully assembled mahogany roof into position.

The glass roof is securely in place.
Installation of high-performance PPG SolarBan 70 insulated glass begins.

The team has begun cladding the exterior of the conservatory in copper.

A view of copper flashing at the roof eave and curb.

Exterior copper cladding of the custom glass roof is now complete.

The solid mahogany and insulated glass roof is complete!
Interior work can now begin.

The general contractor begins installing windows.

As we conclude our adventure to Sea Island, Georgia, we invite potential clients to embark on their own architectural adventures with us. Whether you’re located in New England or beyond, our team stands ready to execute your vision. Reach out to us today via our website’s contact form, send us an email at info@sunspacedesign.com, or dial us up at 1-800-530-2505. Let Sunspace Design be your trusted partner when it’s time to let the light in.

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