A Custom Greenhouse in Ipswich, MA

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Construction

We specialize in glass spaces of all kinds, sizes, and scopes. One of the most versatile products we offer is the traditional greenhouse. Customizable to meet the client’s specifications, our line of high-performance New England greenhouses are elegant working spaces that extend the growing season and pair beautifully with surrounding architecture. Today we’re exploring one such greenhouse built in collaboration with Pitman & Wardley Associates out of Salem, Massachusetts. Pitman & Wardley served as general contractor for the Ipswich project while Sunspace Design specialized in the greenhouse design, components, and site installation.

An elevation drawing of the greenhouse to be constructed in Ipswich.

The general contractor has provided sills which are ready for custom flashing.

Forest green flashing is installed along the lower sills.

Work on the rafters and vertical posts has begun.

The frame is ready to receive the double door section.

Gutters and matching downspouts are secured in place.

Cardinal low-e 272 high performance insulated glass is installed throughout the greenhouse.

Double French-style doors are installed in the center of the front wall.

The greenhouse is ready! It’s time for the general contractor to prepare the interior.

A view through the greenhouse windows toward the adjacent patio and garden area.

The project is now ready for finished flooring.

Greenhouses come with a host of benefits for the owner, and we hope you’ll consider Sunspace Design if you’re in the New England area and looking for glass design and construction experts for your project. We can serve as the general contractor when needed, or provide specialty services as a subcontractor. If you’re ready to extend your growing season and to enjoy the greenhouse space you’ve always wanted, we invite you to reach out. Tell us about your goals via our website’s contact form, let us know what you’re looking for by sending us an email at info@sunspacedesign.com, or call us up at 1-800-530-2505.

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