A Custom Skylight in Medford, MA

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Construction

Our custom glass roofs and skylights represent our most diverse product category. Every structural glass project we build has a glass roof element, but they can also be added to existing rooms. These components are fully custom, designed and engineered in-house by our expert team.

Today we’re exploring an efficient custom skylight build for homeowners in Medford, Massachusetts. After working with the clients to determine the specific design parameters they wanted, we proceeded to draft a suite of engineered drawings for the project. The skylight’s gorgeous mahogany frame was developed within our shop and delivered to the construction site for a timely installation. As with all of our projects, we utilized insulated, high-performance, thermally efficient glass to ensure year-round comfort. Let’s take a closer look:


An engineered drawing depicting the elevation view of a custom skylight being introduced to a property in Medford, MA.

The skylight frame has been developed by the Sunspace Design team in the workshop and is now ready for delivery to the job site.

The mahogany framed skylight has been placed on the existing walls.

Copper flashing is installed.

A progress photo taken from the interior of the residence.

The skylight’s exterior is now completed.

Sunspace Design custom skylights and glass roof solutions are custom designed to be perfect for space. Architectural details and finishes can be engineered to fit your home’s existing look and style. Because we are located in New England, each project is rated for snow or shine. Available in endless styles and configurations—from traditional to modern—consider a Sunspace skylight when you’re ready to bring nature’s beauty into the spaces you call home. We can be reached via our website’s contact form, via email at info@sunspacedesign.com, or on the phone at 1-800-530-2505.

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