A Deck to Four Season Sunroom Conversion in Dover, MA

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Construction

A wide range of traditional construction techniques are in our company’s DNA. This is reflected in our adaptable approach to planning, designing, and building. We were general builders long before we became New England’s leading glass structure design and installation specialists. Years of old-fashioned labor honed our expertise, giving us the confidence and skills necessary to tackle any construction project.

Homeowners benefit greatly from this flexibility. Even though every custom glass enclosure, addition, and skylight we design and install is tailored precisely for the job, we go beyond this by offering additional services. We’ve built houses, designed one-of-a-kind enclosures that don’t fit squarely into any of our product categories, and have worked across residential and commercial spaces of every size, scale, and difficulty level. It doesn’t matter if the job is located in a rural region, the suburbs, or the heart of a bustling metropolis. We only offer top value construction, and we bring it to every project without exception.

Today’s Construction Showcase entry depicts our process of converting a Dover, Massachusetts client’s existing deck into a stunning sunroom. Because we’re able to offer a variety of possible solutions to a given problem, our clients walk away feeling as if they haven’t had to compromise on their goals. In this case, we were able to preserve much of the existing deck construction in order to achieve a superior result at a highly competitive price. That’s where experience counts.

After a detailed design and planning process, we set out to work. Project features include a solid roof with a sloped glazing system, thermally efficient windows, gliding doors, a great jacuzzi, and bronze aluminum flashing. Key components were engineered in our shop to speed up build time; our professional crew may be charming, but we appreciate the fact that clients are eager to see their projects finished in a timely fashion so that they can begin enjoying their new spaces with friends and family! The resulting space is perfect for entertainment, dining, and relaxation. Let’s take a closer look at how it all came together.

A path leading to the backyard of this Dover, Massachusetts property

A “before” photo of the existing deck from the backyard.
It’s clear that this is a great space, but we’re about to make it even better.

The backyard parking lot and raised deck of a Dover, Massachusetts home

Another pre-construction view of the space.

"Before" photo of the exterior wall planes that Sunspace Design will be tying their residential sunroom into

This “before” photo shows some of the exterior wall planes we’ll have to tie into.
Our design and construction crew are ready for the challenge!

Architectural drawing of a sunroom to be added to this Dover, Massachusetts residential deck space

Our design department produced over 10 pages of detailed plans.
Every project requires the utmost attention to detail!
This also enables us to develop key residential construction components in our shop.

A sloped glazing frame constructed out of solid mahogany in the Sunspace Design shop

The sloped glazing frame (built using solid mahogany) is ready to go!
This 8’ x 10’ glass roof section will introduce incredible light to the Massachusetts sunroom.

The sloped glazing frame has been designed in sections for improved manageability, ease of transport, and construction time

Another view from the shop. This frame has been designed in sections.
This approach improves manageability, but the end result will have a seamless appearance.

A luxury jacuzzi has been installed in the client's deck before the sunroom enclosure is added

Back at the job site, we’ve installed the jacuzzi.
It has been covered in homosote panels for protection during construction.

A Sunspace crewman installs 3/4" Advantech plywood to protect and make use of the existing deck surface

To make use of the existing deck surface, we install ¾” Advantech plywood.

A single wall of the new sunroom addition has been raised atop the existing deck space

The first wall of the new sunroom is up…

Additional sunroom wall frames have been added to establish the final footprint of the new deck enclosure

…followed quickly by the second!
These vertical walls are going to be filled with large, high-performing glass panes.

The complicated sunroom glass roof frame comes together around the bend of the home

A view of the roof frame coming together.

The conventional roof frame's rafters are added after careful planning

The conventional roof frame’s rafters go up.
An irregular hip roof like this requires careful planning to bend around the home’s corner.

An eave cut on the rafters will ensure consistent flashing in this sunroom deck conversion project

Another view of the frame. Notice the strange eave cut on the rafters.
This cut will match the built-out eave of the glass roof portion to ensure consistent flashing.
Critical details like these ensure that our all-season sunrooms live up to their name.

Alternate side rafters have a different length and pitch due to the irregular hip roof design

A view of the rafter from the other side.
On an irregular hip roof design, one side rafter length is always a different length and pitch.

The rough opening for the sunroom's glass roof section is visible in this photograph

Here we see the rough opening for the glass roof section.
Light entering this space will flood past the sunroom space and into the adjacent, dark kitchen!

The LVL hip rafter has had its top beveled to ensure a smooth transition between the two adjacent sunroom roof slopes

A photograph of the LVL hip rafter.
We’ve beveled the top to ensure a smooth transition between the two roof slopes.

The Sunspace Design construction crew has fit the jack rafters snugly to the LVL hip rafter

The jack rafters fit snugly to the LVL hip rafter.
This is a sign of a field crew that knows what they’re doing.

The custom mahogany sloped glazing unit frame has been installed before the glass is brought in

Our custom engineered, mahogany, sloped glazing unit frame is installed.

An alternate angle of the sloped glazing unit frame that reveals the amount of glass roof area that will be present in the finished sunroom addition

Another view of the sloped glazing unit frame.
It’s not possible to get this amount of glass and light area with scattered, prefabricated skylights.
The custom Sunspace approach makes all the difference.

A photograph taken at an angle from the roof down to the frame of the sloped glazing unit

A view from the top of the roof down to the frame of the sloped glazing unit.

A Sunspace worker installs flashing that wraps continuously around the roof sections

The flashing has been installed on the solid roof side of the roof.
The flashing was designed to wrap around the roof sections for continuous flow.

The solid roof section with conventional roofing shingles meets the glass roof frame at the hip of the enclosure

The solid roofing section with conventional roofing shingles meets the glass roof frame at the hip.
The glass roof section is stepped down for proper flashing.

The sunroom's glass roof section above the hot tub receives large glass panes

It’s time to introduce the glass. Let’s get this roof flashed and weather tight!

Flashing work continues along the glass roof sections to ensure proper weather performance and thermal regulation

The flashing process continues.

Our crewmen install bronze aluminum flashing to blend perfectly with the dark asphalt roof shingles adjacent to the glass roof section

This client’s choice of bronze aluminum flashing is a great combo of durability, price, and style.
It will blend nicely with the asphalt roofing shingles above and adjacent to the glazing unit.

Work on the flashing, glazing caps,and sealants of the glass roof section has completed

Work on the flashing, glazing caps, and sealants is complete! The glass roof section is a wrap.
Soon we’ll be taking a look at the interior of this custom deck and sunroom jacuzzi conversion…

An exterior photograph of the completed Dover, Massachusetts sunroom deck conversion project

…but first, take a look at that exterior! This shot was taken from the client’s yard.
The new sunroom was perfect for the Dover, Massachusetts home’s existing architectural look.

A view of the entry to the new sunroom addition from the adjacent deck area

The use of the existing deck offers the best of both worlds.
The clients can enjoy a great outdoor space that flows into a spacious sunroom.

The sloped glazing system introduces magnificent levels of natural sunlight into the sunroom addition

An interior view of the custom sloped glazing system in the sunroom.
This glass roof is absolutely gorgeous!

An interior view of the finished irregular hip connection which shows that the different roof elements have been perfectly joined

Here we see that tricky, irregular hip connection from the interior.
The field crew expertly joined the glass roof and the solid roof.

This sunroom hot tub will be enjoyed by friends and family throughout the year

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in your sunroom jacuzzi while basking in sunshine or moonlight.
Contact us to benefit from an all-season sunroom with all the amenities. Your family will thank you!

Have a complicated space that you’d like to transform? No problem. Our talented crew can address your specific needs, and you’ll be able to offer input throughout the design process. Every four season sunroom, conservatory, greenhouse, or other custom project we build is a unique solution to an equally unique set of challenges. If you’d like more information about how our company can bring the benefits of natural sunlight to your residential or commercial space, reach out to us. We can be contacted through our website, by calling 1-800-530-2505, or by emailing us at info@sunspacedesign.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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