A Double Hip Skylight in Weston, MA

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Construction

Few materials convey the timeless beauty and warmth of mahogany. So, when a homeowner in Weston, Massachusetts sought to bring a touch of natural radiance to their home without sacrificing elegance, they chose Sunspace Design. We’ve been specializing in custom, mahogany-framed glass spaces and skylights for over forty years, and we were eager to bring our expertise to their project. The design goal? Crafting a custom, double hip style skylight, adorned with copper cladding. Double hip designs showcase two symmetrical, sloping sides, allowing natural light to cascade into the heart of the space below.

We understand that every project is a unique reflection of the client’s vision. For this undertaking, our journey began by working directly with the homeowner, carefully listening to their input and preferences. We collaborated closely to create detailed CAD drawings that laid the groundwork for the renovation. Every step was executed with precision and care from the inception of the skylight’s design onward. Our skilled team prepared the mahogany frame at our woodworking shop in advance, ensuring the highest standards of quality were met in a controlled environment, and also saving assembly time at the job site. The final phase involved transporting the carefully crafted components to the homeowner’s residence where the skylight took its rightful place above the master bathroom. Explore the process via the photo journey below.

A technical drawing of the rafter plan for the new double hip skylight.

A cross section (left view) of the skylight with a central king post.

The skylight’s mahogany frame takes shape in the Sunspace Design workshop.

The extended eave is introduced and positioned into the mahogany frame.

The skylight frame is set into place. We’re ready for the finishes to be applied.

The crew installs insulated, argon gas-filled Solarban 70 solar control glass with a low-e coating.

Work on Sunspace Design’s proprietary glazing system begins.

Copper exterior cladding and eave flashing is added.

Copper work is complete, and the exterior of the skylight comes together.

The completed custom rooftop skylight is positioned above the home’s master bath.

Skylights are portals to beauty and serenity that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your living spaces. Their benefits are many – they infuse homes with an abundance of natural light, provide an open and airy atmosphere, and offer the unique ability to bring the outdoors in by providing views of the skies above at all times. This versatility offers a unique advantage relative to other glass spaces and products, allowing homeowners to choose from various sizes and locations without fundamentally changing the home’s footprint. If you’ve ever envisioned bathing under the gentle caress of the sun’s rays or longed to gaze at the night sky from the comfort of your bed, Sunspace Design can help. Submit your information via our website’s contact form, send us an email at info@sunspacedesign.com, or call us at 1-800-530-2505, and we’ll get to work illuminating your world in a whole new way.

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