Our Design-Build Process

A Step-by-Step Guide to Sunspace Design Construction

Homeowners interested in renovations or new additions often ask us what our “start to finish” process looks like. That’s a reasonable request; residential construction projects represent large investments which should not be taken lightly. And while every project has unique characteristics that present equally unique challenges, it’s true that the vast majority of our construction ventures follow a reliable, time-tested pattern. This pattern has been established with the help of over 35 years of experience designing and installing specialty glass roofs, skylights, and enclosures throughout New England.

The Sunspace Design method works because it involves the homeowner at crucial stages throughout the design and construction process. The goal is to realize your vision, and we can’t do that without your creative involvement. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll be bogged down with difficult decision-making and administrative duties. What follows is a 7-step guide to the Sunspace Design experience. We welcome any prospective clients to read through this guide in order to gain a better understanding of what to expect. And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requests.

Step One

Your Initial Contact with Sunspace Design

Your service begins when you contact Sunspace Design via the web, email, or phone. When contacting us, please indicate when and how you’d like us to reach you. In our earliest conversations with you, we will determine the type of project you are envisioning. Throughout this process, we will ask questions specific to glass projects while providing you with useful information for you to consider as we finalize design specifications.

Step Two

Site Visit and Project Plan Review

After initial contact, we’ll work to determine the exact product that best fits for your situation by visiting your site and reviewing your plans. Our goal is to provide the best possible product for your needs. At this stage we’ll determine the scope of the project and collect data for use in design. This data will also be used to establish project costs so that our expert personnel can give you an accurate and reasonable quote.

Step Three

Budgeting and Designing

With data gathering and the early planning stages behind us, we’ll now begin work in earnest on preliminary designs. These designs will then be subject to your review. Once we achieve a design that meets with your approval, a budget specific to that design will be generated. It is during this phase that a client’s input is most important.

Step Four

Contract and Project Specifications

The project will move forward once a design is agreed upon and a budget is determined. Sunspace Design will provide a detailed set of construction documents beginning with the project specifications and contract. These documents are very comprehensive and will contain every bit of information relevant to the project.

Step Five

Construction Drawings and Permitting

Once the contract is executed, a detailed set of construction drawings (including a registered structural engineering stamp) will be provided. These drawings will be used in the building permit application process while also serving as a construction guide for the project. Sunspace Design will obtain the building permit on your behalf.

Step Six

Shop Fabrication

Sunspace Design’s talented staff of expert craftsmen will fabricate the high quality wood components for your glass roof, skylight, conservatory, orangery, sunroom, pool enclosure, or other glass structure in accordance with the construction drawings. Our commitment to quality will be evident in every aspect of your project.

Step Seven


Sunspace Design will begin working on your project after a building permit is obtained. Knowledgeable personnel will be assigned to your project, and a project manager will contact you regarding key dates. The project manager will also work with you to arrange a pre-construction meeting during which all details of the construction process—from start to finish—can be discussed. Once construction begins, Sunspace will coordinate all of the project’s phases, from the initial work to the final inspections and certificate of occupancy.

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