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Custom Glass Conservatories, Skylights, Greenhouses, Sunrooms, and More

We plan, design, and construct custom glass structures, roof systems, enclosures, and additions for residential and commercial spaces throughout New Hampshire. Our products include elegant conservatories, greenhouses, skylights, swimming pool buildings, sunrooms, and more. Each project has its own requirements, so we work with homeowners and professionals by providing exactly what’s needed for the job. Our involvement ranges from full general contracting services to the engineering and installation of specialty glass components. We thank you for your visit and invite you to explore our comprehensive website. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us to determine how our company can assist you in your home transformation journey.

Introducing Natural Light to Homes Throughout New Hampshire

We’ve been a registered New England corporation since our inception in 1981. Our service range stretches from Maine to Massachusetts (and beyond). Regarded as regional industry leaders thanks to our 35 years of experience, we’re proud to say that we know a thing or two about delivering value to the area. We’ve completed hundreds of projects since we began operations, and in recent years we’ve been placing a special emphasis on the New Hampshire seacoast.

Each of our unique glass products can be built in any size or configuration. And because we operate in New England, our work is precision engineered to withstand tough winters and hot summers while blending seamlessly with your existing architecture. A choice between beauty and reliability isn’t a choice at all. That’s why we promise both.

If you’re a homeowner or industry professional interested in our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re eager to bring our seasoned team’s expertise to the fore to help you achieve your goals. Whether you live in a salty coastal region, inland, a suburban haven, or a metropolitan center, our offer is the same: unique and visually stunning construction that will enhance your home through the beauty of natural light.

The Value of a Partnership with Sunspace Design

We Design for Your Goals

Every project begins with a conversation, and each installation is guided by your goals. We’ll be in constant contact, adjusting your project’s plans with your input. The result? The ideal design in the perfect style.

We Offer a Flexible Approach

Every project is unique. Already have a trusted contractor? No problem: we love to work with other pros. We offer fully engineered CAD drawings, unique glass components, or full construction services as needed.

We Handle the Paperwork

Zoning requirements? Building permits? We handle the technical and legal details so you don’t have to. Construction will proceed smoothly thanks to our detailed knowledge of New Hampshire’s building regulations.

We Build Unique Products

No templated units and no prefabrication. No idea is out of scope. Everything we build is custom engineered to deliver your vision and blend seamlessly with your existing residential or commercial architecture.

Featured New Hampshire Construction Projects

Featured Project #1:
Conservatory with Vaulted Glass Ceiling in Rye, New Hampshire

Your personal preferences and the look of your home will dictate the appearance and features of the addition, room, or glass roof we’ll build for you. If you’re anything like these lovely Rye, New Hampshire clients, you may be interested in expanding your home through the addition of a dining or entertainment space. Located adjacent to the kitchen, the stunning conservatory we added to this residence serves both functions, and the dramatic glass ceiling floods the space below with sunlight. We’re quite proud of this showstopper.


Client Testimonial: Janet

“Who would have thought a single room could make a house? Our breakfast room by Sunspace Design did just that. The workmanship and design elements totally complimented the rest of our home. We could not be happier with the final result!”

Featured Project #2:
Conservatory Office Space in North Hampton, New Hampshire

Homes age. Structures degrade. The renovation projects of yesterday can quickly become the repair projects of today. This project involved the replacement of an aging sunroom that sat atop a damaged foundation. The solution? A brand new glass conservatory carefully designed to match the home’s existing architecture. And because Sunspace Design projects are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, this new office space will beautify the client’s home for years to come. Say “goodbye” to disrepair and “hello” to sunlight with our help!


Client Testimonial: Dave & Val

“Given our unique home design, we called a number of companies and looked at numerous options when we decided to replace an existing, 38 year-old glass sunroom. We knew we didn’t want one of those aluminum-looking, ‘bolt on’ sunrooms that seem like an afterthought. Sunspace Design delivered! From the initial conversation, through the design phase, to the demolition of the existing structure, to the delivery, construction and finish work: they took care of everything. Sunspace managed the entire project on budget and on time. If you are looking for a high-end, top quality, reliable home project partner, Sunspace Design should be on your call list.”

Featured Project #3:
Custom Deck Enclosure in Stratham, New Hampshire

This project involved the conversion of an exterior deck into an all-season space for a returning client. We’re experienced in virtually every aspect of residential and commercial construction, so we can easily devise a unique strategy aimed at realizing your particular vision. This transformative build—requiring elements of both general construction and custom glass design—is proof-positive that there is no limit to what a partnership with Sunspace Design can achieve.


Client Testimonial: Dr. Robert B.

“I have contracted Sunspace Design on three different occasions. First to correct errors on an existing house constructed by other builders, a second time to build an entire house, and a third time to put an addition on that house. I was completely satisfied with their performance and the final product on all three occasions. I found them responsive to my needs, knowledgeable in answering my questions, and willing to work with me whenever I wasn’t completely sure of what I wanted. Each step was discussed in detail prior to execution.  Progress was on schedule. Communication was always quick and easy. Quality of construction was impeccable. I would recommend Sunspace to anyone thinking of building or renovating.”

New Hampshire’s Towns and Cities Featuring Our Work

Barrington, NH
Brentwood, NH
Dover, NH
Durham, NH
Exeter, NH

Greenland, NH
Hampton, NH
Hampton Falls, NH
Lee, NH
Madbury, NH

New Castle, NH
Newington, NH
Newfields, NH
Newmarket, NH
North Hampton, NH

Portsmouth, NH
Rye, NH
Seabrook, NH
Somersworth, NH
Stratham, NH

Are you ready to let the light in?

We're a true New England company. We understand the land, the people, and how to deliver value that stands the test of time. Any home and every family can benefit from our elegant, high-performance, all-season glass products. Contact us with questions or information about your project to discover how our residential glass design and building services can transform your home.
Remember: when it's time to let the light in, call Sunspace Design.

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