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Our Aluminum Construction services ensure top performance and elegant design at competitive prices.

For years, the mass manufacture of aluminum-framed glass products conferred a reputation for cheap construction, failure-prone engineering, and inflexible, cookie-cutter designs. We’re happy to announce that the prefabricated products of yesteryear have been left behind. The world of aluminum framed glass construction has been revolutionized.

Sunspace Design serves as a source for a huge range of fully custom aluminum products that match the elegant beauty of our wooden-framed glass construction line. Aluminum offers a number of cost benefits relative to traditional wood framing, and possesses innate physical characteristics that can offer unique advantages depending on the application. As with our other custom glass products, every aluminum structure we complete is outfitted with high-performing insulated glass provided by America’s top manufacturers.

All of our traditional product categories are available in aluminum framing. Each project can be configured in any size or shape—including large glass roofs, skylights, conservatories, greenhouses, and more. Aluminum’s structural strength and flexibility can also be taken advantage of in specialty products like paned walkways or canopies. Our aluminum framed glass skylights and enclosures achieve fantastic thermal performance, and can be engineered in a limitless range of designs and configurations to meet the needs of your diverse projects. 

If you elect to construct an aluminum enclosure, you’ll be able to select from an array of window and door options just as you would if you were building a wood-framed structure. Our aluminum offerings can be further outfitted with a number of custom enhancements, including folding glass doors and walls, sliding and stacking glass walls, and a variety of window shading and tinting options. Decorative options—like custom finials, panels, posts, trim, crests, and ridges—can complete the look of your new space. Workspaces benefit from a number of automation system options like thermal control systems, coolers, heaters, grow lights, vents, watering systems, foggers, and circulation fans.

We give each of our projects the same attention to detail that created our reputation as New England’s premier designer, manufacturer, and installer of custom glass products. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn about how our aluminum design-build glass construction services can benefit you and your project.

Select Aluminum Product Features

Aluminum Enclosures & Structures

Our traditional product lines are all available in fully configurable aluminum framing. You’ll be able to choose from customizable greenhouse, conservatory, orangery, and other structure types when selecting the build configuration that’s right for you.

Aluminum Skylight Systems

Aluminum skylight systems are ideal for a range of residential and commercial applications. Our skylight systems can be configured in any size and shape thanks to our in-house design staff—from fixed, to retractable, to domed, walkable, and more.

Custom Design-Build Process

Whether framed in wood or aluminum, all of our projects benefit from the same design-build process that takes the client’s specific needs into account. Our designs will achieve your goals whether you are a fellow professional or a residential homeowner.

Aluminum Folding Glass Walls

Folding glass doors and walls offer a stunning, exciting, and increasingly popular alternative to traditional styles. Also known as a bi-fold door or accordion door, these units can fold in, fold out, or have individually swinging panels as needed.


Aluminum Door & Wall Options

We offer a range of door and wall options in addition to folding units, including but not limited to lift slide doors, sliding glass doors, pivot doors, swing doors, and more. Each door can be further customized in a number of contemporary or traditional styles.

Residential & Commercial Design

Sunspace Design works in both residential and commercial spaces. We can deliver gorgeous aluminum framed glass products for homeowners, or partner up with industry professionals to provide key glass construction services for existing projects

Aluminum Windows

Our aluminum windows are high-performance, insulated units built for four-season and coastal applications. Available in countless styles, configurations, and finishes, our window units will be perfectly suited to your project’s needs.

Window Screens & Shades

With shades available in styles including gravity fed (Roman fold), wide span, roller, pleated, and pinoleum—and screens available in multiple fabrics and applications—your space is sure to receive the ideal level of natural light.

Automation & Growing Systems

Trellises, hangers, shelves, misters, drip systems, foggers, environmental controls, fans, grow lights, and other automation features are available for all aluminum glass enclosures intended for use as greenhouses or workspaces.

Feature Highlight: Folding Glass Doors


Flexible functionality, elegant construction, and custom configurations.


Also known as a bi-fold or accordion glass door, an aluminum folding glass system stylishly allows ample natural sunlight to penetrate interior spaces while serving as a structural focal point within a room. These units are available in hundreds of panel and style configurations. Whether utilized commercially or in residential areas, an aluminum folding glass door system is perfect for establishing entry and exit for living areas, covered patios and decks, pool enclosures, and other spaces.

Accordion glass door systems can be integrated with traditional swing doors to ensure ease of entry and exit. In these cases the swing door can be used without requiring the operation of all the panels. Bi-fold glass doors can be constructed with center pivots, as single doors, double doors, split walls, or in angled or segmented configurations as needed. This flexibility ensures that the unit will function perfectly in the footprint available to your project. Additionally, our door systems can be outfitted with custom color finishes, hardware options (e.g., handles, rails, sills, jambs, hinges, locks, catches), glass and thermal insulation levels, and other options to ensure that your space receives a beautiful and functional unit that meets your practical needs.

Aluminum Construction Project Gallery

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Featured New England Aluminum Construction Projects

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A modern conservatory space with tall windows and angular glass roof components separates the kitchen and living areas of an open concept floor plan

Victorian Greenhouse in Boston, MA

Seated atop a brick foundation with a granite cap, this black, powder-coated aluminum framed greenhouse is located in the center of Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood.

A modern conservatory space with tall windows and angular glass roof components separates the kitchen and living areas of an open concept floor plan

Triple Gable Glass Roof in Stratham, NH

We brought our engineering and consulting services to the table to help develop and construct a striking triple gable glass roof framed in aluminum for New Hampshire clients.

An elegant conservatory is annexed to the rear of a farm-style home in the backyard space adjacent to a winding river and stone tiled patio seating area

Commercial Greenhouse in Auburn, ME

The Sunspace team constructed a gorgeous, aluminum-framed greenhouse with high-performance insulated glass for commercial clients operating in Maine.

An elegant conservatory is annexed to the rear of a farm-style home in the backyard space adjacent to a winding river and stone tiled patio seating area

Barn Greenhouse in Turner, ME

Positioned at the front of a historic turn of the century Maine barn, this aluminum greenhouse addition created a seamless transition from the interior of the structure to a new growing space.

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