Productive Collaboration with Designers, Builders, and Architects

We’ve worked alongside quality architects, designers, and builders to bring natural light to New England projects for over thirty-five years. These projects have ranged from small pyramid skylights to grand glass roof systems with 40’ spans. Our skylights can be as simple as a gable or a double hip or as complex as a lantern with a clerestory below the roof eave. Our enclosures can be developed in any size or shape. We’re known for successfully translating design concepts into buildable plans.

Our level of involvement is flexible and depends on the needs of our collaborators. Our engineering team can provide a complete set of engineered drawings to compliment your drawings for submission to building officials. We can act as the general contractor as needed, or we can work with you and the general contractor to provide glass components. We can work with any set of design criteria in order to provide the look and performance that your clients require, and our coordination services will ensure a seamless transition between the conventional construction and the glass structure or element(s).

The glass enclosure and design-build industry continues to grow. The architects and builders we’ve worked with have been discovering a greater variety of ways to incorporate glass structures into their designs. As the industry changes, our offer remains unchanged: to provide you with the freedom to design with glass while confident in your knowledge that a collaboration with Sunspace Design will ensure that the finished product is engineered, manufactured, and installed according to the industry’s highest standards. Contact us for more information.

Services for Professionals

Flexible Offerings Tailored to the Needs of Your Project

Full-Service General Contracting for Any Project

We can provide general contracting services for virtually any project. If you’re an architect or designer looking for specialty glass engineers who are experienced in general construction, consider us. We’ll oversee the day-to-day operations at the construction site to provide absolute assurance that the project’s vision is executed on time and on budget.

Fully Engineered, Detailed CAD Drawing Packages

Our team includes architectural design staff capable of producing a full suite of engineered drawings for any project. Your design concepts will be translated into buildable plans. These technical drawings will be readied for submission to building officials. Each of our engineered drawing packages will include multiple details and sections as required.

Custom Glass Component Manufacture and Delivery

We can design, manufacture, and install specialty glass components as required. This makes us an excellent pairing with design-build firms or architects looking to outsource the manufacture of key glass components. You can offer your clients more options, and we will reliably deliver custom glass products of the highest quality. No headaches necessary.

Field Installation and Coordination Services

Our field crew and shop crew overlap. We build important components in the shop environment to speed construction time and install them in the field. This gives us complete control from design through fabrication through installation. Once the components are prepared we’ll coordinate with your team to ensure that installation goes off without a hitch.

Rural, Metropolitan, Residential, or Commercial

A Sunspace Design product is perfect for any environment. We’ve completed hundreds of projects in residential and metropolitan jobsites for both homeowners and professionals. Greenhouses nestled in the hearts of busy cities, skyscraper roof lanterns, glass entryways for commercial banks, residential glass spaces of all kinds – nothing is off limits.

Scaling Capabilities for Projects of Any Scope

From small glass enclosure projects to massive skylight installations, Sunspace Design can help with construction projects of any scale or scope. Although we’re a small company, we’re able to produce large or small units to meet the dimensional requirements of the project without abandoning the high standards that earned our reputation in the industry.

Product Features

Options Available for Every Project

Gorgeous Solid Mahogany Framing

The majority of the frames we manufacture are mahogany, but a variety of other wood species are available to match a particular finish as is required by the project. Design options are virtually limitless. We provide solid wood framing with concealed connectors. Edge profiles for rafters are available.

Robust Concealed Steel Framing

The framing systems we develop can incorporate solid steel that is built into the frame in order to facilitate longer spans and maximized glass surface area. This design approach pairs creative freedom with structural strength resulting in more light without relying on the use of “ganged” components.

Aluminum-Framed Glass Products

We offer a range of glass products with aluminum framing. Folding glass doors, slide and stack walls, swing doors, and other convenient features are available. Aluminum canopies, glass paned walkways, and specialty aluminum-framed enclosures are available in addition to our traditional product lines.

High Performance Insulated Glass

Glass comes in a variety of configurations, tints, and colors. We use soft coat LoE over laminated safety glass. Exterior units are tempered. Spaces are laser welded. Units are dual seal at a minimum (polyisobutylene primary seal, silicone secondary seal). Heavy duty foil tape gives a watertight bond.

Broad Window and Door Selections

Our window and door selections are wide-ranging and usually client-selected. As with our glass options, we source from America’s top manufacturers (including but not limited to Andersen, Marvin, and Solar Seal). All units are available in a variety of sizes and styles with customizable grill patterns.

Seamless Architectural Pairing

Our design team is experienced with virtually every home plan common to our service area in New England. We tailor our glass product designs to pair perfectly with the existing look and style of your client’s home. The resulting appearance seamlessly transitions between the new and old construction.

Four-Season Thermal Performance

Window, door, and glass components are thermally performant and meet or exceed Energy Star guidelines. Specialty coatings reduce heat loss, cutting costs by 34% in cold weather and 38% in warm weather. HVAC systems ensure total thermal control. Stoves and fireplaces of all types can also be installed.

Cost-Cutting Insulation Values

The conventionally-constructed walls of our all-season structures receive polyurethane foam spray insulation to guard against air and moisture infiltration. Walls are minimally R21 but can reach R34. Roofs are minimally R39 but can reach R55. Fiberglass insulation is available as insulation codes permit.

The Latest Automation Features

Available automation includes evaporative cooling systems, temperature, light, and humidity control systems, fogging and watering systems, ventilation, circulation, and heating systems. If it’s on the market, we can incorporate it into our engineered designs and provide your clients with additional value.

Old and New Decorative Options

Decorative finials and ridge crests of every sort are available in addition to other base-and-spire flourishes. Domes, spiked domes, modified crescents, and other aesthetic enhancement components are also available. Decorative elements can be constructed out of copper, steel, aluminum, or wood and glass.

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