Skylight & Roof System

Avon, Connecticut

Project Overview

A large glass roof system offering elegant beauty and top performance floods an Avon, CT home with sunlight.

✓ The hip style glass roof system is framed in rich mahogany.​
✓ The skylight frame is extra large, measuring 14’ x 20’.
✓ We designed and manufactured the glass roof system in the workshop before efficient, crane-powered installation.
✓ Insulated PPG SolarBan 70 glass provides top thermal performance.

Project Description

Traveling to the heart of Avon, Connecticut, Sunspace Design introduced a timeless addition to a gorgeous residence — a breathtaking hip style glass roof system. The project features a 14’ x 20’ skylight, elegantly framed in mahogany. The large frame was assembled in advance at the Sunspace Design workshop, and installed with the help of crane-powered operation after being delivered to the site. Once there, our team outfitted the glass roof system with exceptionally performant SolarBan PPG 70 insulated glass. 

A collaboration between Sunspace Design and DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding was instrumental in bringing this vision to life. Sunspace Design, with its expertise in specialty glass design, led the charge in crafting, designing, and seamlessly installing the bespoke glass roof system. DiGiorgi Roofing & Siding, serving as the capable general contractor, carefully prepared the wood frame walls and structural components in advance, providing a flawless setting for the glass roof construction. This harmonious collaboration between specialty glass artisans and skilled contractors demonstrates the great result achieved when expertise converges through teamwork.

This skylight marries artistry and functionality. The mahogany framing provides a timeless allure, and the insulated glass ensures excellent performance through four seasons of New England weather thanks to its thermal and light-transmitting properties. Other features include a custom glazing system and copper capping and flashing which serve as crowning touches that heighten beauty and boost durability.

At Sunspace Design, our commitment lies in crafting glass installations that transmit nature’s beauty through architectural finesse. Whether a client is interested in skylights, glass roofs, conservatories, or greenhouses, our designs illuminate spaces, bringing the splendor of the outdoors into the home. We invite you to explore the transformative possibilities of glass as we continue to elevate the world of custom glass construction with every project we complete.

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