Gloucester, Massachusetts

Inside view of a sunroom in Gloucester, Massachusetts

This country-style Gloucester kitchen is transformed by a flood of natural light.

Project Overview

  • This rustic project features a kitchen-sunroom addition with a custom glass roof.
  • We used solid Douglas fir framing and insulated glass with a solar cool bronze tint for solar gain control.
  • The end result provides the client with a naturally-lit space to be used for both dining and relaxing.

The client was looking to expand an area off of their existing kitchen in order to create a new space for dining and relaxation. Unfortunately, the kitchen was located at the rear of the home, and this meant that any expansion would create a darker kitchen than the client wanted.

Enter Sunspace Design. We’re strong proponents of a careful design process, and we believe that every project we create for homeowners is a true exercise in collaboration between our expert staff and the client. In our early consultations with the client, we suggested the use of a glass roof complete with triangular windows to maximize the levels of much needed natural light. This design would allow for the light to flood the new addition and also penetrate into the existing kitchen, thereby transforming the quality of that space as well.

The client’s existing kitchen design was a variation of the “cabin” or country aesthetic, so Sunspace used its natural wood system to create a perfect pairing. This allowed the frame of the glass roof to be stained to match the surrounding style. We are proud of the flexibility of our products when used in conjunction with standard construction methods.

Our designs are tailored to achieve whatever goals the clients might have. And because we only use windows from the top US manufacturers, we’re able to match these designs with stunning levels of natural light. Additionally, our use of high-performance glass treatments gives us an important degree of control over both the light levels and the solar gain of a space. This is how we’re able to consistently to establish a comfortable year-round environment across a large variety of projects. Our spaces are capable of being efficiently heated or cooled as the seasons dictate. We can say with confidence that our glass designs allow any type of Sunspace addition to completely revitalize a home’s atmosphere.

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