Skylight & Roof System

Wellesley, Massachusetts

Project Overview

A breathtaking glass space outfitted with a double hip skylight in Wellesley, MA offers incredible views.

✓ Sunspace teamed up with local architects and contractors to introduce this gorgeous double hip glass roof system.
✓ The skylight components were completed offsite and crane-lifted into position for a quick, two-day build time.
✓ The skylight frame is solid mahogany and features a robust steel sub-frame.
✓ An insulated glass system of the highest quality ensures year-round thermal performance.

Project Description

Located in a beautiful spot within Wellesley, Massachusetts, Sunspace Design played a key role in introducing this architectural gem to a client’s home—a custom double hip skylight crowning a gorgeous room. The resulting construction offers fluid transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces within the home, and blends well with the existing architecture.

The skylight boasts solid mahogany framing with a robust steel sub-frame. Durability meets sophistication. We used a layer of insulated tempered glass atop heat-strengthened laminated safety glass, further enhanced with a PPG Solarban 70 coating, to ensure optimal thermal performance. The dual-sealed, argon gas-filled glass system is efficient and resilient against oft-challenging New England weather.

Collaborative effort was key to the project’s success. MASS Architect, with their skylight concept drawings, inspired the project’s genesis, while Sunspace prepared a full suite of engineered shop drawings to complement the concepts. The local general contractor’s preliminary framing and structural curb preparation accelerated our team’s installation of the skylight. As the frame was assembled at the Sunspace Design shop and positioned above the room via crane operation, a swift two-day field installation saved time and expense for all involved.

At Sunspace Design we’re all about pairing natural light with refined architecture. This double hip skylight is a focal point in the new room that welcomes the sun’s radiance into the heart of the client’s home. We take pride in our role, from engineering to fabrication, careful transportation, and quality installation. Our projects are journeys where architectural ideas are transformed into tangible, breathtaking spaces that elevate the way we live and create memories.

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