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Proudly Serving Maine’s Towns and Cities


Since 1981, Sunspace Design has been the state of Maine’s leading design, build, and construction firm specializing in custom glass structures. Mainers know how to spot a quality-built product because Maine’s natural environment requires structures engineered to withstand a true four-season cycle.  We’re proud to offer that level of quality at a reasonable price. We’ve been serving The Pine Tree State for over thirty-five years, and today we’d like to invite you to join the Sunspace family.

A silhouette of the state of Maine, one of Sunspace Design's service area states

By teaming up with Sunspace Design, your home will benefit from the addition of a sunroom, orangery, conservatory, skylight, greenhouse, pool enclosure, or other custom glass space. These spaces aren’t prefabricated or templated: they’re unique constructions designed from the ground-up with your home in mind. The addition of a Sunspace Design product will allow abundant levels of natural light to enter your living area, and the effect on your home will be transformative. Whether you aim to garden, relax, enclose a pool, or establish a new space for family and guests to enjoy themselves within, we’re here to help you hit your target.

Your new space can be designed to match any aesthetic: traditional, Victorian, contemporary, rustic, and more. We’ll integrate your feedback at every step of the process (beginning with the design phase and ending with the finalized construction and installation of your brand new glass space). This process has been perfected over our many years of service in the New England area so that we can maintain our absolute commitment to excellence in craftsmanship while ensuring that our clients get exactly what they’re after. Every design challenge we face is a unique opportunity to bring our years of expertise to the fore.



Custom Glass Design Projects in The Pine Tree State



We serve a number of towns and cities throughout Vacationland, and we specialize in coastal towns including but not limited to York, Ogunquit, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Wells. Check out the following projects completed in Maine (taken from our online portfolio):

A barn greenhouse project located in Turner, Maine featuring automated roof vents and an aesthetic matching the existing architecture

Historic Barn Greenhouse

Turner, Maine

Our clients approached us with the goal of adding a brand new greenhouse structure to the front of their existing historical barn. We carefully designed the greenhouse to seamlessly transition from the barn’s existing façade. Automated power-operated roof vents, fan systems, and insulated glass provided the necessary thermal regulation.

An elegant Victorian conservatory octagonal roof segment located in Kittery Point, Maine

Classic Victorian Conservatory

Kittery Point, Maine

This elegant Victorian conservatory features a custom insulated glass and wood roof constructed in a gorgeous octagonal pattern in the shop. It was then transported to the site and raised in place to significantly cut the required on site construction time.


Our Offer to Maine Homeowners and Professionals


The structures we produce are tough enough for Maine. Proper thermal regulation is central to our engineering process. Our spaces are designed to be used throughout the year and not only when the weather is convenient. Whether the day is hot or the night is freezing, your new space will be properly cooled or heated. The concealed steel frames we use ensure that our spaces have the integrity and resilience necessary to last. And because our design process carefully integrates your functional and aesthetic requirements while blending with your home’s existing architecture, the resulting space will be not only sturdy but beautiful. A Sunspace glass product is a seamless addition to any residential structure.

Are you a Mainer interested in one of Sunspace Design’s custom glass products? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can get in contact with Sunspace via our contact form, by emailing us at, or by calling us on the phone 1-800-530-2505. We look forward to serving you.

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