A Pair of Sloped Roof Skylights in Weston, MA

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Construction

Step into Sunspace Design’s world of glass design with our latest build journal! Today we’re presenting a testament to craftsmanship that harmonizes functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. Our mission? To engineer and construct two custom-designed skylights to match the slope of our client’s existing roof in order to flood their Weston, Massachusetts home with an abundance of natural light.

Our skylights represent the epitome of reliability in design and execution. With the larger skylight spanning an expansive 12′ x 24′ and its smaller counterpart measuring a purposeful 5′ x 11′, our custom units were tailor-made to meet the specifications of the project. Collaborating closely with Sam Kachmar Architects from Cambridge and Hawthorn Builders hailing from Needham, we confidently took this venture from concept to reality.

Framed in mahogany, each elegant skylight features insulated, high-performance PPG SolarBan 70 glass, ensuring a harmonious balance between energy efficiency and aesthetics. We expertly designed, manufactured, and field installed the units to ensure that our client’s vision was realized to our exacting standards. Let’s explore the results.

A view of the existing property prior to construction.

This architectural rendering details the plans for the two skylight additions.

An engineered drawing of an end rafter detail from the Weston, MA skylight project.

The solid mahogany frame assembly takes place in the Sunspace Design woodworking shop.

Structural beams provided by the general contractor are in place.

The smaller skylight frame has been installed.

The larger skylight frame is installed.

Insulated, high-performance PPG SolarBan 70 glass is installed in the mahogany skylight frame.

This exterior view depicts both skylights.
The skylights match the roof slope and maintain a low profile in order to blend seamlessly with the existing architecture.

Custom aluminum flashing is installed to complete the exterior of the first unit.

More exterior flashing completes the second unit.

An interior view of the large skylight’s completed installation.
The skylight is seamlessly integrated into the roof slope.

Work on the custom glass space continues!

A closer look at one of the sloped skylights from the exterior.

A view from the interior.

This journal stands as a testament to our flexibility and dependability. Whether collaborating with architectural firms, general contractors, or working directly with homeowners, Sunspace Design is a steadfast constructional companion capable of realizing glass design plans of any size or scope. Are you ready to team up with Sunspace Design for a project of your own? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Enter your project details into our convenient contact form, submit them to info@sunspacedesign.com, or call us on the phone at 1-800-530-2505.

Original Post Date: 2023-09-08
Last Updated: 2023-11-29

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