A Triple Gable Glass Roof in Stratham, NH

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Construction

As a company that has been in New England’s design-build business for over 40 years, we have no asset greater than our experience. For that reason we’re often brought into projects to execute specialized glass construction tasks that other firms aren’t well-equipped for. Today we’re looking at a project featuring a custom triple gable glass roof that’s sure to impress. General construction was provided by the owners, while Sunspace Design provided glass design and engineering consultation services. We also constructed the striking aluminum-framed roof system itself. The geometric, angular design commands attention, and we’re excited to explore the build process below.

A custom aluminum triple gable glass roof frame has been installed atop the builder’s steel frame.

The pyramidal center of the frame with the first ridge beam has been installed.

After installation, the roof is ready to receive high performance insulated glass.

The glass installation process has begun.

After the roof glass is installed, wall finishes begin.

The glass roof system is nearly completed.

Finishing work begins on the exterior of the custom glass conservatory.
The triple gable roof has beautiful angles which draw the eye’s attention.

A look at the stunning completed structure!

A closer look at the geometrically precise triple gable glass roof.

A view from the side of the elegant new construction.

A different sight line—this time from the other side of the residence.

The interior of the new structure is an amazing growing space.

This gorgeous glass roof allows ample sunlight to enter the room below.
Remember: our glass roofs are custom designed and engineered.

You can learn more about our skylight and glass roof offerings by visiting our product page or by exploring our guide to skylight styles. Are you a homeowner thinking of introducing a custom glass roof or skylight to your property? Are you a professional architect or builder looking for a glass construction specialist to help realize a key element in a project you’re executing for a client? Reach out to us. You ca contact us via phone at 1-800-530-2505, email us at info@sunspacedesign.com, or visit our website’s contact form to submit your project’s details. Don’t hesitate—let the light in.

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