Introducing New Aluminum Glass Structures & Products

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Times have changed since the days where the only aluminum-framed glass products available were cheaply manufactured, prefabricated, prone to failure, and mass produced. Today’s aluminum products and enclosures are better performing and can be custom engineered to a variety of specifications in order to meet a homeowner’s needs. Aluminum product pricing differs from traditional wood framing, and aluminum itself offers performance characteristics that can be of value to homeowners who need it for specific applications.

For these reasons, we’re happy to announce that Sunspace Design will now be serving as a single source for a wide range of aluminum products in addition to the beautiful wood offerings that earned our reputation in New England. We’ve teamed up with a top aluminum manufacturer in our industry and can now pass this value onto you.

This image depicts an illustrated selection of the aluminum door offerings available to Sunspace Design clients, including folding glass, slide and stack, swing, and pivot doors

A selection of aluminum door offerings including:
folding glass doors (top left), a slide and stack wall (top right), a swing door (bottom left), and a pivot door (bottom right).

Although we’ve offered aluminum products in specific categories in the past, the latest expansion enhances the already impressive range of options available to the prospective Sunspace client. In the future, we’ll be featuring more examples of these installations here on the Sunspace website, but here’s a preview of some of the features and product offerings included in this expansion:


Folding Glass Doors and Walls

All of our custom glass enclosures feature doors and windows in some fashion. One of the new door products on offer is a signature folding glass wall, also known as a bi-fold door or accordion door. Folding glass doors or walls can fold into the interior of the structure, or out-fold to the exterior depending on your needs. We can also modify the wall to provide individual panels with swing functionality.


Sliding and Stacking Glass Walls

Rather than folding, sliding and stacking glass walls are track-hung and slide laterally. The result is a remarkably flexible and efficient series of panels which “park” in a bay when open and overlapping, but which interlock to form a seamless wall when closed. These are an excellent choice for residential pool enclosures. We even offer a option without the floor track for those interested in using the sliders to create a seamless barrier between two interior spaces.


This image depicts an illustrated selection of the aluminum-framed glass structures available to Sunspace Design clients, including conservatories, greenhouses, and skylights

A selection of aluminum structure offerings including:
traditional conservatory (top left), greenhouse w/ custom roof (top right), a lean-to sunroom (bottom left), and a barrel style glass walkway (bottom right).

Aluminum Glass Structures

All of our traditional product lines – ranging from greenhouses to sunrooms to conservatories and fully custom structures – are available in highly configurable aluminum framing. Our goal is to ensure that you receive exactly the configuration and features you’re looking for. Aluminum is a light material that offers excellent structural strength and unique build configurations. We can also build custom aluminum canopies, glass paned walkways, and more.


A beautiful greenhouse framed in black, powder-coated aluminum sits atop a stone foundation

An elegant stone and metal residential greenhouse framed in black, powder-coated aluminum.

Aluminum Skylights

Introducing excellent levels of natural sunlight into an interior space without the cost and footprint required by a traditional glass structure, our line of aluminum skylight systems are perfect for a variety of residential and commercial spaces. We offer these skylights in virtually any configuration, and our in-house design team can plan custom concepts unique for your purposes. Available configurations include fixed, retractable, domed, walkable, operable and non-operable.


This photo depicts the interior of a music chamber lit via surrounding glass walls and a custom aluminum roof lantern style skylight

A gorgeous commercial skylight project framed in aluminum.

A polygonal roof lantern skylight framed in aluminum sits atop a music chamber with a decorative element at its peak

A view of the skylight from the outside.
Note the polygonal roof lantern style and decorative element at the peak.

The bright blue sky is visible through this roof lantern style skylight

The aluminum roof lantern allows tremendous levels of natural sunlight to enter the space below.

Accessories for Aluminum Glass Structure Workspaces

Glass structures used as workspaces – like greenhouses – benefit from a number of optional accessories. We discussed some of these accessories in our recent greenhouse special features and automation options article, so check it out for more information. Some options include work benches, evaporative cooling systems, environmental control systems which adjust temperature, humidity, and light, grow lights, fogging systems, automated ventilation systems, circulation fans, heating systems, plant hanging systems and tracks, plant shelving, and automated watering systems.


The interior of this aluminum greenhouse workspace with counters and sink is filled with plants at various stages of development

A lovely aluminum greenhouse workspace with a variety of convenient accessories and custom additions.

This lean-to style aluminum skylight glimmers in the bright sunlight as the opening to the adjacent home's interior is visible through the glass panes

A residential lean-to style greenhouse which connects to the interior of a stone home.

New Screen and Shade Systems

From sliding doors to swinging screens to folding screens and everything in-between, screens are excellent additions to any glass structure. You’ll see fewer insects, be able to enjoy fresh breezes throughout the warmer months, and will ultimately have a more flexible space with the addition of one of our screen options. Virtually any configuration is possible.

The same holds true for our shade offerings. Roman folders for sloped roofs, horizontal shades for conservatory eaves, pleated blind shades, rolling shades, solar blocking blind systems and pinoleum blinds are all on offer to each Sunspace client.


A beautiful aluminum framed swimming pool enclosure stands proudly on this residential property in the early day sunlight

This aluminum-framed pool enclosure stands majestically in the rising sunlight.

A sturdy, large greenhouse built out of stone, wood, brick, and aluminum framing stands proudly as the sun reflects along its flank

This elegant greenhouse structure is a combination of brick, stone, wood, and aluminum.
No design is off limits when you partner with Sunspace.

A Brand New Day for Sunspace

We’re very pleased to announce this expansion of our product line. But what does this mean for the customer interested in a custom Sunspace Design glass structure framed in gorgeous mahogany? Nothing has changed; it’s still our bread and butter. We still offer the same in-house start to finish design-build process that has made us New England’s top designer, manufacturer, and installer of custom glass products. If you’re interested in one of our greenhouses, orangeries, conservatories, sunrooms, pool enclosures, patio enclosures, skylights, or custom glass projects, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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