Our Commitment to the Homeowners of New England

We know that a large project like a home addition is deeply important to the recipient. Sunspace Design custom glass products won’t only transform your family’s home—they’ll also become a part of your family’s traditions. That’s why we maintain an absolute commitment to high quality products offered at competitive prices.

Quality also means ensuring that our customers get precisely what they want. Every design we produce is the end result of a collaboration process between Sunspace and the homeowner. Every project we undertake receives the same degree of focused attention by our expert team.

There is no substitute for a well-earned reputation, and we’ve built ours one project at a time. We promise to do everything in our power to ensure that your questions are answered and your hopes are met. Please contact us for more information about the variety of services we can offer.

Services for Homeowners

For Rural, Suburban, and Urban Homeowners Throughout New England

Custom Glass Spaces, Enclosures, Skylights, and Roofs

No prefabrication here: our custom designs bring your vision to life uniquely and elegantly. Your greenhouse will be an optimal growing area. Your conservatory will include the features you want. Your sunroom will achieve your vision of the perfect new glass room. No idea is out of scope or off-limits, and no concern is too small to be addressed.

A Reliable and Easily Understood Design-Build Process

We use a time-tested collaborative design-build process which incorporates your feedback at each stage. We’ll work with you step by step to ensure that your goals are reached. When you team up with Sunspace Design, you’ll know that your investment is being handled by professionals who measure each project’s success by the homeowner’s satisfaction.

Collaboration with Architects, Designers, and Builders

We’re team players who love to work alongside fellow industry professionals. We often serve as general contractor, but our involvement in your project is flexible. We can collaborate with your preferred general contractor, design-build firm, or architect by providing CAD drawings or custom glass components. The goal? Getting you the value you need.

Zero-Stress Permitting, Paperwork, and Code Compliance

A stack of paperwork is the last thing that you want to focus on as you undertake a new home addition or renovation project. The good news: we’re well-versed in building regulations throughout all of New England. We’ll handle the zoning requirements and permitting for your new construction in order to make your project as stress-free as it can be.

Total Flexibility and Creative Freedom in Construction

We’ve installed top quality products throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine since our start as a conventional construction company in 1981. We know the area and we know the people. If you have a specific vision in mind, share it with us. Our team can design a unique product that doesn’t fall into one of our existing product categories.

Glass Product Repairs, Renovations, and Improvements

We can update, renovate, and repair existing sunrooms, conservatories, greenhouses, pool enclosures, skylights, and more. If your aging glass space is leaking, fogging, or worse, reach out to us. We will consult with you to determine the best course. With our help, you can benefit from the latest time and money-saving advances in glass technology.

Product Features

Available for Each of Our Custom Glass Product Lines

Masterful Wood Craftsmanship

We only use high quality materials in the projects we design and build. Our solid wood framing is usually mahogany (sapele, utile, African, or genuine), but other species are available to match a particular finish as required. This high quality wood can be shaped into elegant designs in any style.

Frames as Strong as Steel

Many of our roof systems and skylights feature steel concealed within the solid wood frame. This maximizes creative freedom without sacrificing durability. By adding structural stability to our unique designs, we can introduce glass skylights or roof elements in challenging locations within a home.

Expansive Aluminum Options

We offer a wide range of aluminum products in addition to our wood selections. A partnership with a top US aluminum manufacturer allows us to pass value to clients interested in aluminum’s price point and performance characteristics. And style need not be sacrificed: these projects are fully custom.

A Broad Selection of Glass

America’s top glass manufacturers provide us with a variety of insulated glass options in different tints, interlayers, glazes, shades, coatings, thicknesses, sizes, and configurations. All units are dual sealed and provide top solar performance and allow ample natural sunlight into your new space!

Many Window and Door Choices

Our door and window selection can match any style. Double hung, casement, clerestory, awning-style, and other windows are available in various sizes and grill patterns, as are our doors–whether they’re single swing or French. Trims and sills can be further customized to complete the space’s look.

Architectural Style Matching

The northeast has a rich architectural tradition visible in its variety of home plans. Whether your home is traditional, colonial, Georgian, Victorian, Federal, Cape Cod, Greek Revival, or modern, our custom glass elements are designed to pair perfectly with the existing look for a seamless effect.

Year-long Thermal Performance

We’re no strangers to the extremes of New England weather. That’s why most of our products are engineered to provide peak thermal performance throughout four seasons. Our heating, cooling, and insulation options ensure that your sunroom, orangery, or conservatory maintains an ideal interior climate.

Gorgeous Flashing Options

Sunspace Design’s metal flashing options include copper, lead-coated copper, aluminum, and aluminum in custom colors. Your glass enclosure or skylight framing will be clad in the perfect material that achieves the desired performance while enhancing the look and feel of your brand new investment.

Helpful Automation Features

We offer automation features that are of additional value to homeowners interested in our greenhouses, pool enclosures, or working spaces. Options include ridge vents, remote controlled shades, water dispersal systems (drip, mist, or fog), custom HVAC systems, temperature control systems, and more.

Elegant Decorative Flourishes

The architectural history of windowed and glass structures is varied and interesting. We further the field’s decorative traditions via a wide selection of finials, ridge crests, and other flourishes. Have a particular decorative feature in mind for your new space? Let us know. The sky is the limit!

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