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Pool Enclosure (Natatorium) Design and Construction Services

Our Pool Enclosures provide year-round relaxation and access to nature’s beauty.

A swimming pool enclosure—also known as a natatorium—is a specialty structure that requires stringent planning to ensure performance and longevity. These spaces must remain comfortable and well ventilated in both cold and warm weather conditions. It’s critical that each enclosure is designed to handle the intense humidity levels generated by the pool waters while maintaining a high degree of thermal performance regardless of the season. There’s nothing quite like the relaxation and fun to be had around a swimming pool on a hot summer day, but an indoor pool enclosure should provide the same opportunity in the cold of winter.

Sunspace Design has the experience and talent needed to meet these challenges in New England’s climate. Importantly, we can achieve this goal while marrying our elegant glass design and construction techniques to create stunningly beautiful spaces that will pair perfectly with your existing architecture. A Sunspace Design swimming pool enclosure can be built as an addition to your home or as a standalone enclosure. With our help your family, guests, or patrons will enjoy easy, year-round access to your indoor pool while enjoying the beauty of natural sunlight transmitted through our glass designs.

Swimming pool enclosures also offer hidden benefits. You’ll save money on water heating, reduce your cleaning and chemical requirements, and gain an added level of entry security. Our natatoriums are used by satisfied customers throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and greater Southern New England, and we’re eager to transform your poolside experience with our over 40 years of specialist experience.


Select Swimming Pool Enclosure Features

Custom Enclosures Designed to Your Specifications

A swimming pool enclosure is an opportunity to enhance your pool area with the amenities and features that you’ve always wanted. Our design-build team can engineer plans to meet your every goal without sacrificing style or beauty. The new space will be the perfect match for your existing architecture.

Top Performing Thermal and Moisture Automation

Swimming pools have unique requirements. A Sunspace Design enclosure is engineered to provide carefully regulated temperature and humidity levels. These aren’t just beautiful glass designs! They’re also valuable, money-saving working spaces built to four-season standards.

A Broad Range of Wood, Glass, and Stylistic Choices

Every aspect of your new pool enclosure is customizable: from wood selection, to glass choices, to the design and style of the space itself. We can engineer in any architectural tradition, and the result is a versatility that other design-build firms simply cannot match.

Swimming Pool Enclosure Project Gallery

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Featured New England Swimming Pool Enclosure Project

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Magnificent Pool Enclosure in Carlisle, MA

We designed and built a gorgeous natatorium with an angular glass roof component, Douglas fir framing, triple-pane glass, and full thermal and humidity regulation system for clients in Carlisle, MA. Additional features include a full bathroom, kitchen, and spacious seating area.

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