A Breezeway Glass Roof in Epsom, NH

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Construction

Today’s build journal entry is testament to the flexibility of our design-build approach. Working with general contractor Ridgeview Construction out of Deerfield, New Hampshire, the Sunspace Design team was tasked with engineering and installing a custom glass roof for clients in Epsom. The large, ridged custom glass roof frame sits atop a breezeway structure annexing two sections of the residence. To complete the project we used a structural ridge beam to connect the mahogany framing components before outfitting them in high-performance insulated glass.

An engineered drawing of the breezeway glass roof frame.
We create a suite of engineered drawings for each project we complete.

Sunspace workers are on site installing the custom mahogany glass roof frame.

Each side of the glass roof is installed against a structural ridge beam.

The frame is in place and is now ready to receive the insulated glass.

We’re using high-performance insulated glass on this project: low-e Solarban 70 XL units.

Insulated glass is in place and we’re now ready for the copper cladding to be installed.

Our glass construction and residential renovation services can transform the look and feel of your home. The best way to reach us is by submitting your information through our website’s contact form. Are you ready to let the light in? Consider working with Sunspace Design.

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