A Custom Conservatory and Deck in Hamilton, MA

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Construction

Today we’re exploring a beautiful project we completed a few years back in Hamilton, Massachusetts. The client whose property is featured here originally contacted Sunspace in search of an architectural solution that would provide an elegant interior space with an outdoor feeling. This space would replace an aging deck that had outlived its usefulness and become an eyesore on the client’s property.

The answer came in the form of a gorgeous conservatory with a custom glass roof system and corner fireplace. Located to the side of the home, this conservatory annexes directly to the interior for convenient access, and connects to a new exterior deck which Sunspace designed and built. The glass roof system is framed in mahogany and uses high-performance, insulated, argon gas-filled glass units to achieve top solar and thermal performance. Windows and doors are Andersen 400-series; there are eleven operable windows. Air conditioning and a heating system ensure that the interior environment remains comfortable all year. And the corner fireplace gives the space a rustic, inviting feeling that is perfect for relaxation or entertainment.

Additional features include beautiful slate flooring with embedded heat mats. The floor heat controls ensure that there won’t be any frosty winter mornings where the chill of the slate gets in the way of enjoying the space. Let’s take a look at the design-build process which led to the final product:

A photo of an aging backyard deck with peeling paint and broken stairs taken prior to the start of construction

A typical back deck in desperate need of repair.
This will be totally replaced.

A hand-drawn sketch of the rear elevation of a new glass conservatory being designed and planned by Sunspace Design for installation in Hamilton, Massachusetts

We begin with basic concept sketches.

A hand-drawn sketch of the side elevation of and entry stairway for a new custom glass conservatory

These sketches set the stage for the next step.

An architectural CAD drawing showing the precisely engineered specifications for the rear elevation of a Sunspace Design custom glass enclosure

After the concept sketches, we create a set of computer-generated design elevations.
These are submitted to our clients for review.

A fully engineered CAD drawing depicting the side elevations of a custom glass conservatory that is part of a larger set of engineered drawings for building permit submission

We ultimately provide a full set of engineered drawings for the project.
These drawings are ready to submit for building permits.

Ladders and tools are positioned on an aging deck that is having its railings removed in order to create room for brand new construction

We’re preparing to remove the existing deck and railings in order to make way for the new conservatory.

In a fresh clearing created by the removal of an existing deck, conventionally framed walls visibly establish the footprint for a conservatory being constructed

New framing begins for the conservatory.
A new gable roof is added for additional height.

A red brick corner fireplace with an intricate design is under construction in this photograph

Work on the new corner fireplace begins.

Slats of freshly milled mahogany boards are carefully assembled and prepared for transport to the job site in this photo taken inside the Sunspace Design workshop

Meanwhile, the shop team begins to mill the wood for the new glass conservatory roof.

Copper caps and flashing are stacked lengthwise inside the Sunspace Design workshop

Preparatory work on the copper flashing and caps is completed.
These beauties are now ready for installation!

A view of the custom glass conservatory's recently positioned ridge and kingpost

Back at the job site, the ridge and kingpost are in place.

A look at the corner of a solid mahogany hip rafter that will comprise part of a Hamilton, Massachusetts glass conservatory's intricate roof system frame

The first solid mahogany hip rafter is installed.

The mahogany glass roof frame for this custom project is starting to take shape, with framing elements visible before the start of glass installation

The mahogany roof system begins to take shape.

A Sunspace Design crewman stands atop construction scaffolding as he begins work installing a conservatory's roof system glass

The roof frame is complete.
We’re now ready to place the roof system’s glass.

As the sun goes down, work on glass installation for this roof system winds to a close

Hours later, the roof’s glass installation is just about finished.
We’re using safety glass on the exterior and laminated safety glass on the interior.

A look toward the sky through the newly installed high-performance insulated glass units in a custom glass roof system

A view from the unfinished interior through the high-performance insulated glass units.
These units are 1 ⅛” thick with a ⅜” argon gas-filled space.

An assortment of construction ladders are positioned near a conservatory that's under construction; Andersen 400 series windows are being installed

Window installation begins: Andersen’s 400 high-performance series.
Casement style windows in the upper section with fixed units below.

Ladders and scaffolding are positioned beside a brand new glass conservatory as Sunspace Design workers begin work on the exterior trim

Work on the exterior trim begins.

A Sunspace Design construction crewman finishes work on the custom mahogany glass roof of this Hamilton, Massachusetts residential construction project

The roof receives finishing touches and the window installation concludes.

A photograph taken from the interior of a glass conservatory that's still under construction depicting conventionally built wall framing and LVL headers

An interior view showing our solid conventional wall framing and LVL headers.
Our frames are rock solid and allows for the use of windows from the world’s top manufacturers.

The common wall surfaces of the interior of this conservatory project have been prepared in advanced of receiving a plaster finish

Common wall surfaces are ready for a plaster finish.

A crewman applies mesh and edge protection to the joints of a corner fireplace

Next we apply mesh to the joints and edge protection for the fireplace.

A crewman applies corner bead on all edges before plaster is applied

Corner bead is installed on all edges before plaster is applied.

Construction tools are assembled on the interior of a glass conservatory that's under construction in advance of woodwork

Plaster work is complete.
We’re now ready for the interior woodwork to begin.

Sunlight streams through tall floor to ceiling windows inside a custom residential conservatory space

Light levels are great!
Each of these windows will be trimmed from floor to ceiling.

Paint will soon be applied to the interior of this conservatory; white unpainted walls are visible in the photograph

With the plaster complete and the windows trimmed, it’s time to paint!

The backyard of this Hamilton, Massachusetts residence is visible through the large glass panes in the French doors and window units of this conservatory

A beautiful view to the exterior.
French doors lead to the new exterior deck area.

French doors connect the conservatory to both the interior of the home (via the dining room) and the exterior of the home (via the brand new deck)

Additional French doors connect to the residence’s existing dining room.

An exterior look at a brand new conservatory depicting a new entry landing and stairway

A look at the new entry landing and stairway.

The exterior of a finished conservatory located to the side of a client's home before paint work is completed

The exterior is ready for painting.

A view of the new deck adjacent to a glass conservatory with French doors; the deck is IPE, railings and balusters are cedar wood

An exterior look at the new deck and French doors.
The decking is IPE, railings and balusters are cedar, trim is composite.
Post caps are cedar with copper tops.

Bright shafts of sunlight enter the interior of a custom glass conservatory designed and built by Sunspace Design

This beautiful conservatory is now ready for use.

The glass roof of this conservatory is framed in mahogany and features an interesting, angular design that catches the eye

A look at that gorgeous glass roof system framed in solid mahogany.

Seating furniture inside this conservatory sits atop a slate floor that has been outfitted with interior heating mats for added comfort

Air conditioning, heating, and slate flooring with built-in mat heating ensure year-round comfort.

The windows of this completed conservatory are open to allow fresh air inside; the neighboring deck is complete and houses a home grilling station

A look at the finished exterior.

Virtually any property can be enhanced by the addition of a custom Sunspace Design glass room or roof element. Our team of expert design and construction professionals will be able to maximize the use of your budget in order to deliver conservatories, greenhouses, skylights, and other options that pair perfectly with the established look and feel of your home. If you’d like to talk to a Sunspace representative who will help determine how we can best serve you, reach out to us. We’re available by phone at 1-800-530-2505, via our website’s contact page, or via email at info@sunspacedesign.com. Remember: when it’s time to let a little sun into your space, choose Sunspace Design.

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