A Stunning Orangery Built in Concord, MA

by | May 31, 2018 | Construction

We’ve built up our reputation via the design, engineering, and construction of custom glass products in a unique industry niche. In turn, we often have the opportunity to team up with immensely talented architects, craftsmen, and builders who can leverage our unique specialty in projects of their own. These are some of our favorite projects because they give us a great opportunity to interact with other industry professionals while bringing the Sunspace Design touch to projects that would normally be out of scope for our small team.

Today’s build journal focuses on one such project recently completed in Concord, Massachusetts. We teamed up with John Chapman, an excellent Wellesley, Massachusetts-based architect, and the fantastic Kistler and Knapp team of Acton, Massachusetts. With Kistler and Knapp serving as general contractor and Chapman’s architectural plans serving as our guide, we set out to deliver their vision of a custom orangery-style sunroom with a dramatic glass roof centerpiece. This was part of a much larger renovation of the residence, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to bring our skills to bear on it.

The plans called for the construction of a new wood-framed orangery-style sunroom structure over an area measuring roughly 18’ x 22’. Adjacent to the terrace, the sunroom structure connects directly to the home’s gallery. A large glass skylight serves as the space’s centerpiece, allowing ample levels of natural sunlight to enter the area below. Cedar shingles serve as siding with painted wood trim selected to match the main structure of the residence.

Let’s take a closer look at the space’s construction:

An engineered drawing of a custom glass roof frame to be installed by Sunspace Design in a Concord, Massachusetts glass orangery project

An engineered drawing depicting the design of the glass roof element as seen from above.
This glass roof system will be the main attraction in the new space.

Freshly milled mahogany boards and other important building materials are carefully stacked against the wall in the Sunspace Design workshop

The milled mahogany is ready for assembly.
These materials will soon frame the centerpiece of a very special glass orangery.

Fresh mahogany boards are clamped together during the initial framing process for this glass roof frame with concealed steel

Our mahogany framing conceals a steel structural system.
The introduction of concealed steel brings strength and durability while looking great.

A well-organized workspace reveals a glass roof framed in mahogany coming together via the assembly of eaves and sills

The eave and sill assembly begins.

The first section of a glass roof frame has been loaded onto a cart for transportation to the residential construction job site in Concord, Massachusetts

Section one is in the process of being loaded up.
Pre-assembled sections of the frame are transported to the job site, accelerating construction time.

A glass roof frame (before glass installation) has been lowered onto a conventionally constructed room frame that will become a brand new glass orangery

The glass roof frame components are carefully placed atop the room’s frame.

A brand new mahogany skylight frame with concealed steel for added structural support has been installed on top of a sunroom frame

The glass skylight roof system is in place and ready to receive glass.

Pristine panes of Solarban 90 high performance insulated glass are installed across the surface of this mahogany glass skylight frame

Solarban 90 high performance insulated glass is installed.

A view of a brand new orangery-style sunroom, painted white, with building materials and construction tools nearby

An exterior view of the new orangery-style sunroom.
We’re almost ready to put the finishing touches on the brand new space.

A worker diligently paints the interior of a sunroom in white while rays of sunlight penetrate the space from the brand new glass roof

Interior painting is underway.

A beautiful sunroom space features an entertainment, seating, and television area that is illuminated by the sun's rays

A view of the completed interior.
The space is excellent for entertaining while providing views of the lush landscape.

Tall windows and French doors surrounding the perimeter of this glass sunroom provide views and access to a lush backyard landscape

Adjacent to the terrace, the room serves as a perfect access point to the backyard.

A brand new Sunspace Design glass enclosure stands proudly and glimmers in the sun beside a patio and garden area

An exterior view of the completed custom glass enclosure.
With its unique orangery style, the glass structure is a gem in the owner’s beautiful property.

A gorgeous Concord, Massachusetts sunroom is annexed directly to this majestic residential property and also provides beautiful access to the backyard patio area

The completed exterior with an adjacent patio area, garden, and steps leading to the backyard.

Are you a professional in our industry seeking a team of glass structure and glass roof experts who have an affinity for design and the ability to deliver on time and on budget? Are you a homeowner looking for a company that can help you achieve a vision of natural sunlight flooding the rooms you, your family, and your friends spend time in?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, consider reaching out to Sunspace Design. We have over 35 years of experience bringing projects like this one to life in homes and commercial spaces throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. To reach us: submit your project details and goals via our contact form, send an email at info@sunspacedesign.com, or give us a call at 1-800-530-2505. We look forward to bringing a little more sun to your space.

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