Stoneham, Massachusetts

Project Overview

This classic lakeside sunroom provides perfect relaxation and breathtaking views of the surroundings.

A stunning view through the tall Andersen windows of a gable-style sunroom revealing a sprawling frozen lake in the background

✓ This project features a traditional gable-style sunroom with a wood and insulated glass roof system.
✓ We’ve used Andersen windows for their reliability and efficiency.
✓ Conventional wall framing and large windows provide a panoramic view of the lakeside vista to the rear of the home.

Project Description

An architectural CAD drawing of a raised lakeside sunroom with standard wall framing, tall insulated windows, and a stately gable-style glass roof

Every project presents unique challenges. If you are a prospective client, it is our job to design a product that provides you with all the features and amenities you’re looking for. The clients whose property is featured here were hoping to introduce a new relaxation space to their home. Additionally, they wanted to capture the beautiful lakeside scene.

Sunspace created a design centered around a gable-style roof. It was crucial to keep the design as traditional as possible so as to create a perfect blend with the classic, stately brick architecture of the existing home.

By utilizing standard wall framing and Andersen windows under the fully insulated high-performance glass roof, we introduced great levels of natural light and solar control while affording the room with a magnificent view of the exterior. The addition of hardwood flooring and a fireplace further enhance the experience. The result is beautiful and comfortable room with ample natural light and a great lakeside view—exactly what the clients were after.

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