A New Skylight & Kitchen in Medfield

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Construction

Well-executed renovations can transform a home but come at a cost of time and money. Most homeowners carefully plan out their list of desired changes before committing as a result. That’s why it’s not surprising that many homeowners opt to complete a number of renovation objectives at the same time. The project featured in today’s Construction Showcase entry is a perfect example of one such multi-purpose renovation.

In 2014, the homeowners approached Sunspace with the goal of enlarging their kitchen in order to create an open concept room with abundant natural lighting. We’re a versatile design-build firm capable of providing top notch general construction services in addition to our glass structure specialties. Involving elements of traditional kitchen renovation, conservatory construction, and glass roof design, this beautiful project required the full spectrum of our experience.

We coordinated this project from the design phase through to completion. A large, double hip skylight located centrally in the new space unified the project’s scope, serving as an elegant centerpiece to the design. The impressively large glass roof opening required the addition of a concealed steel frame capable of supporting the long glass spans used in the skylight’s construction. The skylight frame was developed off-site and lifted by crane into place, saving the client time and money. Any step that improves a project’s efficiency, safety, and resulting quality is one we’re happy to take.

Additional features include the addition of brand new hardwood flooring and new cabinetry for the kitchen. Expansive windows and patio doors provide additional opportunities for light to flood the space. Between the windows, the doors, and the elegant skylight, the room is well-lit throughout the day, making it a perfect space for kitchen work, entertainment, and more. Let’s take a closer look at the process that led to this residential gem in the heart of Medfield, Massachusetts.

An architectural drawing of a new orangery-style space with a custom skylight and kitchen renovation to be completed in Medfield, Massachusetts

A structural elevation drawing featuring the project’s design.
The precise architectural drawings created by our design staff are critical to every project’s success.

A before photo of the rear of a Massachusetts residential home that's about to undergo a renovation

A view to the rear of the home taken prior to the project’s start.
By the end of this photo set, you’ll be astounded by the difference Sunspace makes!

A new floor frame is being constructed to establish the new footprint of the renovated kitchen and entertaining area

One of the earliest steps involves the beginning of a new floor frame.
This frame will be established before the interior wall is removed.

The completed floor frame is ready for the next step of construction

The floor frame is now ready for the next step.

Long wall supports have been added before the home's wall removal begins

Our field team has added supports in preparation for wall removal.
Over twenty feet of house wall will be removed!

The Sunspace Design field team has begun work on the exterior wall frame

A brand new exterior wall frame begins construction.
This will significantly expand the home’s footprint.

The wall framing and large structural beams are in place

The wall framing and large structural beams are in place.

A photo of new window and door framings in the newly framed home addition walls

The window and door openings have been established in the newly framed walls.
As work continues, key elements of the design begin to take shape.

A beam that will support the glass roof elements has been added to the structure

The first beam is set to support the glass roof elements.

A photo of a frame that has been positioned to accept the orangery-style glass roof elements

A frame has been positioned in order to accept the new orangery-style glass roof.

A photo of the project's custom mahogany frame being developed off-site in the Sunspace Design workshop

Work on the custom mahogany frame progresses off-site.
Lots of magic takes place in our wood shop.

A crane operator prepares to lift the roof system into position

The roof system has been delivered to the work site.
A crane prepares to lift the roof system into position.

An image of the roof system being lifted by a crane into position on the top of the new addition at this Medfield, Massachusetts residence

The lift begins!

The crane operator has perfectly positioned the roof system

The roof system has been positioned in place.
It’s now ready for the glass and flashing to be installed.

The new space is being lined with brand new windows and doors

On ground level, the doors and windows that will line the new space are being installed.

Photo of the open concept home renovation space featuring a newly-merged addition and kitchen

At this point in the process, the new addition and the existing kitchen are merged.
The homeowners now have a single, unified space.

An exterior photo of the home addition before the trims and siding are complete

We’re ready to begin work on the exterior trims and siding.

An exterior photo of the Medfield addition that is ready for paint

The exterior is now ready for paint.

The Sunspace Design crew installs brand new kitchen cabinets as part of this home renovation project

Our crew is beginning to install the new kitchen cabinets.
The transformation will soon be complete.

A view of the new orangery-style space featuring a stunning skylight design

A view into the new orangery-style space.
The skylight design is absolutely stunning.

A photo of the completed renovation taken from within this New England kitchen space

A view of the finished space taken from within the kitchen.
You can’t beat this quality of light.

Another view of the finished renovation which blends an entertaining area and a large kitchen

Another view of the completed space.
The open concept blends a perfect entertainment area with an efficient working space.

A photo of the completed kitchen renovation showing off the master craftsmanship of Sunspace Design

A great view of the renovated kitchen space.
We’re experts at residential construction. Don’t hesitate to ask about the options available to you.

A photo of the renovated room featuring bright sunlight penetrating through the new skylight roof system

A brightly lit view of the renovated room.
Note the hardwood floors and skylight centerpiece.

The home addition features a patio area and an exterior blending seamlessly with the home's existing architecture

Attention has also been paid to the exterior, which now blends seamlessly with the home.
The refined patio area is perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

Whether you’re only looking for the addition of a simple skylight or want a multipurpose renovation that will absolutely transform your home, we’re here to serve you. Are you a residential homeowner looking for glass structure experts who can also serve as general contractors as needed? Consider Sunspace Design. You can reach us by completing our online contact form, emailing us at info@sunspacedesign.com, or dialing 1-800-530-2505. Thanks for reading.

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