A Victorian Conservatory in Kittery Point, ME

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Construction

This elegant Victorian conservatory was designed and built for clients in Kittery Point, Maine a few years ago. The project site – Kittery Junction – offered special interest as it was originally constructed by the York Harbor & Beach Railroad Co. in the late 1800s. Providing freight and passenger service between York Beach, Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, this train station represents a small but important piece of local history, and we were thrilled by the opportunity to enhance it with one of our custom glass structures. To achieve this goal, we worked alongside local architect Anne Whitney. George Derby served as the general contractor.

The private owners came to Sunspace with the goal of introducing a Victorian conservatory expansion which would flow out of a bedroom on the side of the structure facing a nearby pond. We built this conservatory using solid conventional walls and customized Marvin window units. The roof is a shop-built glass conservatory roof system framed in mahogany to create a dramatic octagonal design. By building the roof unit in the shop and subsequently transporting it to the site, we were able to reduce construction time on the project. Fiberglass R-21 insulation in the walls and low-e sun control properties in the roof glass ensure the space’s thermal performance across all seasons. Here’s how it all came together:

A photo of an aging backyard deck with peeling paint and broken stairs taken prior to the start of construction

An engineered drawing of the Victorian conservatory.
This elevation provides an idea of what the finished result will look like.

A hand-drawn sketch of the rear elevation of a new glass conservatory being designed and planned by Sunspace Design for installation in Hamilton, Massachusetts

A look at the privately-owned train station before the start of construction.

A hand-drawn sketch of the side elevation of and entry stairway for a new custom glass conservatory

A “before” photo showing a clear view of the nearby body of water.

An architectural CAD drawing showing the precisely engineered specifications for the rear elevation of a Sunspace Design custom glass enclosure

The team has begun putting up the conventionally constructed walls for the new conservatory.

A fully engineered CAD drawing depicting the side elevations of a custom glass conservatory that is part of a larger set of engineered drawings for building permit submission

The ridge beam is in place.

Ladders and tools are positioned on an aging deck that is having its railings removed in order to create room for brand new construction

We developed this complex octagonal glass roof frame in the shop and transported it to the job site.

In a fresh clearing created by the removal of an existing deck, conventionally framed walls visibly establish the footprint for a conservatory being constructed

The team prepares the mahogany roof frame for the crane operator.

A red brick corner fireplace with an intricate design is under construction in this photograph

As the crane operator lifts the conservatory roof frame, steady hands guide it into position.

Slats of freshly milled mahogany boards are carefully assembled and prepared for transport to the job site in this photo taken inside the Sunspace Design workshop

We’ve got a perfect fit!

Copper caps and flashing are stacked lengthwise inside the Sunspace Design workshop

A look at the kingpost from the conservatory space’s interior.

A view of the custom glass conservatory's recently positioned ridge and kingpost

A closer look at the center of the conservatory’s roof frame.

A look at the corner of a solid mahogany hip rafter that will comprise part of a Hamilton, Massachusetts glass conservatory's intricate roof system frame

The crew has begun installing window units in the conventionally constructed walls.

The mahogany glass roof frame for this custom project is starting to take shape, with framing elements visible before the start of glass installation

Glass units have been installed.
The conservatory’s glass roof is taking shape!

A Sunspace Design crewman stands atop construction scaffolding as he begins work installing a conservatory's roof system glass

We’ve begun adding the copper.

As the sun goes down, work on glass installation for this roof system winds to a close

Work on the roof continues.

A look toward the sky through the newly installed high-performance insulated glass units in a custom glass roof system

This exterior shot shows the crew hard at work on the scaffolding.
The conservatory is coming together.

An assortment of construction ladders are positioned near a conservatory that's under construction; Andersen 400 series windows are being installed

With the copper in place, the conservatory’s octagonal roof frame looks stunning.

Ladders and scaffolding are positioned beside a brand new glass conservatory as Sunspace Design workers begin work on the exterior trim

A view of the finished roof from the interior.
Detailing is complete.

A Sunspace Design construction crewman finishes work on the custom mahogany glass roof of this Hamilton, Massachusetts residential construction project

Finishing touches await, but the conservatory’s exterior is a perfect match with the existing structure.

A photograph taken from the interior of a glass conservatory that's still under construction depicting conventionally built wall framing and LVL headers

The finished conservatory provides the owners with a perfect view from the comfort of the bedroom.

Our team is capable of designing any glass space, skylight, enclosure, or home addition to meet your needs and match the existing look and feel of your structure. From classical Victorian designs to modern spaces, the Sunspace Design team is able to translate your concepts into buildable plans. We’ll be in constant contact throughout the construction process so that your every question is answered and your every concern addressed. You can reach us via phone at 1-800-530-2505 or via email at info@sunspacedesign.com. You can also use our convenient contact form if you’d like to submit information about a possible project you’ve been dreaming up. Are you ready to let the light in? We’re here to help.

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