7 Benefits of Greenhouses

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Planning

ASunspace Design horticultural greenhouse is ideal for growers seeking a comfortable year-round environment for their plants to thrive in. Like our custom glass conservatories, orangeries, sunrooms, pool enclosures, skylights, and glass roofs, our greenhouses are constructed using the best materials available on the market. In this blog post, we’ll discuss seven of the benefits a greenhouse will offer you and your family.
An interior shot of a bright, ornate greenhouse taken during the day with lush foliage visible in the foreground

1. Multi-Purpose Planting –  A greenhouse gives a growers of all experience levels access to an environment suitable for growing a wide variety of plants (ranging from organic vegetables to flowers to succulents to exotic plants). Whether horticulture is a profession or a hobby, a greenhouse is invaluable to a green thumb.

2. An Extended Living Area – An attached greenhouse can also serve as an extension of your living space if you add a seating area. This is especially enjoyable on a winter morning when you want to feel the warmth of the sun without battling the cold wind. By treating your thermally-efficient glass structure as an extension of your living area, you’ll have a new place to relax, entertain, and make memories with your family.

3. Pest & Chemical Reduction – A greenhouse provides a safe environment for fruits and vegetables to develop without the additional worry of wild animals like squirrels or deer getting to your crops before you do. The additional ability to control the conditions inside the greenhouse means you can avoid spraying many of the harmful pesticides you would otherwise need if you were growing outdoors.

A photo of a white outdoor greenhouse with nearby shrubbery taken on a sunny day

4. Protection From Elements – A greenhouse helps protect your precious vegetables or plants against the harsh outdoor elements. This is particularly relevant to hearty New Englanders, as our weather is so frequently unpredictable. Knowing that your plants are safe indoors at the appropriate temperature means that you’ll save on time and money while avoiding undue stress.

5. Potential Heating Cost Savings – An attached greenhouse provides free heat in the winter depending on its orientation with respect to the sun. This is a benefit that’s especially notable for our New England climate. Once the interior of the greenhouse reaches the ideal temperature, warm air can be let into the house. This means reduced wood and fuel costs.

6. Grocery Savings – The ability to grow your own fruits and vegetables year-round means that you effectively have constant access to a backyard garden. Depending on the size and maximum potential yield of your greenhouse, this has the potential to drastically reduce the amount you have to spend on food. These savings quickly add up in winter months in Maine and New Hampshire, when fresh produce suffers a price increase.

7. Health Benefits – Studies show that you’re more likely to consume fruits and vegetables that you grow yourself. This holds true for your family as well. What’s more is that this produce will be free of the abundance of harmful chemicals and pesticides used in many agricultural operations throughout the country. Nothing could be more important than protecting the health of your loved ones. And if you’re prone to seasonal affective disorder during dark winter months, a warm greenhouse flooded with natural light is the perfect solution.

We’ve custom designed, built, and constructed a great many greenhouses throughout our service area in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and greater New England. These projects employ the best technologies to ensure that heating, cooling, airflow, and ventilation needs are fully met. A custom project can feature a solid mahogany glass roof system or a full aluminum frame—the choice is yours. Maintaining a thermally well-regulated environment is critical, especially during a cold seacoast winter, and we have the talent and ability necessary to get the job done.

Our greenhouses can be built to cater to any space and location requirements you might have. Our designs can be tailored to fit the style of any existing home. If you’re a grower, hobbyist, homeowner, or professional interested in a Sunspace Design greenhouse or other custom glass product, we invite you to contact us today for more information on how we can best serve you.

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