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Proudly Serving New Hampshire’s Seacoast Corridor


The people of New Hampshire value quality craftsmanship. Sunspace Design has succeeded as the state’s top designer, builder, and installer of custom glass structures for over three decades. We know that it’s possible to offer a superior product at a reasonable price, and our clients in New Hampshire agree. Sunspace Design is guided by a commitment to quality in everything we do: from the customer design phase to the finalized products we install.

New Hampshire has a highly changeable climate where it’s not uncommon to experience a very wide swing in temperatures from day to day or season to season. This is doubly true for the coastal lowland area where we’ve completed projects including but not limited to glass roof systems, greenhouses, conservatories, pool enclosures, orangeries, and sunrooms.

A silhouette of the state of New Hampshire, one of Sunspace Design's service area states
We cater to the entire New England area by providing structures that are built to withstand the elements, and this holds true for our New Hampshire service area. Our glass achieves optimal thermal regulation across warm days and freezing nights, and our concealed steel frames provide the strength and resilience necessary for your investment to last. Our quality materials are given shape and form through our excellence in craftsmanship. Our tailor-made designs are the culmination of a process in which your every concern is addressed and your every idea integrated with the final product. And if your goals require unique design decisions, we’re capable of performing custom construction projects to meet your every need. The end result of a partnership with Sunspace Design is the unveiling of a brand new space that merges seamlessly with your home.


Custom Glass Design Projects in The Granite State


We serve a number of towns and cities in The Granite State’s coastal region, including Hampton, North Hampton, Hampton Falls, Stratham, Exeter, Newfields, Newmarket, New Castle, and Rye. We also perform work in and around Portsmouth. We’ve recently completed two projects in Rye and North Hampton, and we’ve included them here (taken from the Sunspace Design online portfolio):


An outdoor photo of an elegant conservatory office built to replace an aging sunroom in North Hampton, New Hampshire

Elegant Conservatory with Custom Glass Roof System

North Hampton, New Hampshire

This beautiful conservatory located at the front of the client’s home was designed and built to replace an aging sunroom located on the property. The goal was to produce a new space that transmitted natural light while serving as a home office. The resulting, thermally-efficient space blends with the original architecture and functions perfectly in all four seasons.

A photo of a luminous sloped roof conservatory flooding light into adjacent kitchen and family room spaces in Rye, New Hampshire

Gorgeous Conservatory Adjacent to Kitchen and Great Room

Rye, New Hampshire

Our clients envisioned a dining area with a vaulted ceiling adjacent to their great room and kitchen. We utilized a glass roof which slopes to match the existing architecture; the use of a concealed steel ridge attached to a rear structural beam enabled us to bring the conservatory ridge into the slope. The result is a roof that transmits an incredible amount of natural light while blending with the home’s unique, gorgeous style.


Our Offer to New Hampshire Homeowners and Professionals


New Hampshire is a rugged, well-forested state with natural beauty.  A Sunspace Design product can help make that beauty more accessible in any season and weather condition. Our custom glass windows and roof systems will provide you with a view of the abundant elm, beech, oak, pine, maple, and fir trees which surround you. By transforming your home with our help, your family will be treated to a lifetime of access to the sun’s natural light as you make use of your new space.

Are you from New Hampshire and ready to explore how our expert team can make your vision a reality? Reach out to us today. We can be reached via our contact form, through email at, or on the phone by dialing 1-800-530-2505.

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