North Hampton, New Hampshire

Project Overview

This North Hampton, New Hampshire conservatory provides its owners with a sunny and comfortable home office.

A photo of the exterior of a custom glass conservatory with a hip-style glass roof system, finial, and Marvin casement windows

✓ This glass conservatory was designed to match the home’s existing architectural style.
✓ The interior wood finish was selected to match the interior of the existing home.
✓ Sunspace Design used a solid mahogany frame and copper flashing.
✓ The windows are custom Marvin Integrity units.
✓ The roof system features Solar Ban 70 XL high performance argon gas-filled glass to ensure energy efficiency.

Project Description

An architectural CAD drawing of a custom glass conservatory space

This project’s owner originally contacted Sunspace because they needed to replace an outdated, leaking sunroom on their North Hampton, New Hampshire property. The aging sunroom was set on a fieldstone foundation that was beginning to show signs of wear in the uppermost layer. The client’s vision involved repurposing the ten foot by ten foot area taken up by the original sunroom structure in order to create the perfect space for a new home office. Sunspace Design stepped in to help make that vision a reality.

We began the design process by carefully assessing what the client hoped to achieve. Working together, we soon realized that a glass conservatory would be the perfect replacement. Our custom conservatory design would allow great natural light into the home while providing structure for the desired office space.

Because the client’s beautiful home featured a truly unique style, the principal challenge we faced was ensuring that the new conservatory would seamlessly blend with the surrounding architectural elements on the interior and exterior. We utilized large, Marvin casement windows and a hip design for the glass roof. The interior of the home featured an abundance of wood, so the conservatory design featured a wood interior stained to match.

The end result of this collaborative process was a beautiful conservatory featured at the front of the client’s home. The new space authentically matches the original construction, the leaky sunroom is no longer a problem, and our client was left with a home office space that’s bright and airy. The large casements provide a great view of the exterior landscape and let in incredible levels of natural light. And because the space was outfitted with energy efficient glass, spray foam insulation, and radiant heating, this conservatory is a true four season glass space that our client will be able to enjoy throughout the year.

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