A Conservatory in North Hampton

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Construction

What goes into a construction project? How does a company like Sunspace Design transform a residence with one of their custom glass additions? Every project we undertake requires unique solutions to unique problems. That’s because every home is different, and every project is driven by a client’s specific goals.

We explore these unique projects from start to finish in the Sunspace Design construction showcase series. This article collection explores the planning, design, engineering, and construction of custom glass projects like greenhouses, conservatories, glass roof systems, and swimming pool enclosures we’ve introduced to residences and commercial spaces throughout seacoast New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Today we’re looking at a gorgeous conservatory office built by our hardworking crew in North Hampton, New Hampshire. The owner of the residence reached out to Sunspace Design in hopes of replacing a leaky, aging sunroom with a crumbling fieldstone foundation. What to replace it with? A stunning glass conservatory designed to match the home’s existing architecture.

The owner now uses the structure as a tranquil office space that provides a stunning view of the surrounding outdoor environment. The space features a solid mahogany frame, copper flashing, Marvin Integrity window units, and a glass roof system outfitted with Solar Ban 70 XL high performance glass. You can learn more about this project by visiting its entry in our portfolio. For now, let’s explore what went into the project’s construction!

Architectural drawings of the front and side elevation of a custom glass conservatory and roof system built by Sunspace Design in North Hampton, New Hampshire.

Structural elevations like these provide the basis of every project’s design.
Our projects transition seamlessly from the existing architecture. They feel like they belong.

A photograph of an old, leaky sunroom that's about to be replaced by a custom Sunspace Design glass conservatory and roof system

Here’s a photo of the existing sunroom that’s to be removed.
The problems are obvious at first glance: a foundation in desperate need of repair, and an outdated design.
We’re about to completely revitalize this space.

Newly-built conservatory walls are erected by Sunspace Design's team of New England crewmen on a New Hampshire residential construction site

Fresh conservatory walls are being built on location by our crewmen.

A freshly-insulated conservatory is outfitted with brand new Marvin casement windows to allow a flood of natural light into the interior

New Marvin windows are installed.

A mahogany glass roof frame being engineered and constructed at one of our shop sites before being transported to the field for installation

We’ve developed the mahogany glass roof frame in the shop. This provides more control over the end result.
Offsite development also provides an opportunity to speed up the construction time.
Sunspace Design has over 35 years of experience delivering projects on time and on budget.

A photograph of a recently-installed glass roof (and finial) on a New England conservatory home addition

The glass roof has been installed and exterior details are beginning to take shape!
The tie-in to the conventional roof isn’t complete yet.

An exterior view of a New Hampshire conservatory with completed exterior composite trim in the hours before painting begins

The exterior composite trim has been completed.
Time to paint! The new space will match the existing trim.

An exterior photograph of the conservatory under construction which shows recently installed copper cladding

We’ve installed closed cell foam insulation for a super high R-value: no more headaches for the homeowner.
We’ve also completed the elegant copper cladding.

The conservatory's interior features composite flooring, rustic wood details, and stunning views of the surrounding outdoor environment

The wide composite flooring conceals radiant heat technology which provides comfort on frosty New Hampshire mornings.
You can read more about our flooring options for glass spaces and home additions by visiting the link.

An exterior look at the conservatory with paint work completed using the existing home's color scheme

The exterior is complete and has been painted to match the existing home.
Note how the conservatory blends seamlessly with the home’s face.

An interior view of the finished office space outfitted with natural wood inside the new custom glass conservatory

The finished space provides a warm office environment for maximum productivity.
It also offers stunning views of the surrounding North Hampton outdoors.
The wood pairs beautifully with the design of the client’s existing, rustic interior.

A view of the surrounding natural environment from the interior of a New Hampshire office space home addition

Another view from inside the office conservatory.

A head-on, interior view of the finished glass conservatory office space taken from the entry to the existing home

We build our custom glass additions in virtually any environment: residential, commercial, or industrial.
Our time in New England has given us experience with a stunning variety of homes.
The conservatory constructed on this client’s property is a jewel that has been added to an already breathtaking property.

An exterior view of the completed conservatory beside freshly planted foliage in the client's garden area

An exterior photograph of the completed conservatory.
The Marvin casement windows and beautiful glass roof flood the interior with natural light.

Conservatories are staple of our product line, and we’ve been bringing them to the New England area since 1981. Our construction standards ensure that every space we build can stand up to the region’s environmental pressures without sacrificing beauty or style.

Are you interested in a home addition that will authentically pair with your residence’s original architecture? Consider a Sunspace Design conservatory today. You can learn more about what we can do for you by reaching out to us through our convenient online contact form, by emailing us at info@sunspacedesign.com, or by dialing us at 1-800-530-2505.

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