Conservatory Construction in Rye, NH

by | May 11, 2017 | Construction

Homeowners planning ambitious, custom residential renovation projects need assurance that their budget won’t be wasted on inexperienced or inadequate service. The design-build industry is a competitive space where differences between companies can significantly impact the value of your dollar. The solution? Sunspace Design’s time-tested planning and construction process will confidently guide you through your project step-by-step.

Are you in the market for a dining room skylight or a living room glass roof to flood your interior with natural light? Are you a gardener or hobbyist seeking a glass space like a sunroom, orangery, or greenhouse for your plants to thrive in? Sunspace can handle glass design projects of any scope or scale without sacrificing quality or attention to detail. Your home’s existing design and your personal goals will both influence your project requirements. By partnering with a design-build firm like Sunspace Design, you’ll benefit from the assurance over thirty-five years of experience can provide. The hundreds of elegant glass structures we’ve introduced to New England are testament to the strength of our craftsmanship and reputation.

A wide photograph of Sunspace Design crewmen accepting and placing a crane-lifted glass pane for a Rye, New Hampshire conservatory glass roof system

To illustrate what goes into a typical construction project, we’re proud to present our construction showcase series. Today’s entry marks the fourth article in this series. We’ll be exploring a visually stunning glass conservatory built for homeowners in Rye, New Hampshire. The conservatory design features dramatic angles, large spans of glass in the roof, exterior copper flashing, an open concept, and a solid mahogany frame. The space’s vaulted ceiling allows maximum levels of natural light to enter the dining, kitchen, and entertainment areas below. The glass roof features argon-filled, low-e glass (PPG Solar Ban 70 XL). The windows are Marvin casements outfitted with Marvin’s high performance glass. Let’s take a closer look below.

Architectural drawings of a Sunspace Design glass conservatory depicting the glass space's front and side elevations

As always, we begin with a series of carefully-drawn structural elevations.
These views establish the design and silhouette of the structure relative to the existing property.

A conservatory's mahogany roof frame is developed in the Sunspace Design shop before being shipped to the construction site in New Hampshire

This photo depicts the conservatory’s mahogany roof frame being developed in the shop.
When it’s feasible, in-shop development saves time and money.
It’s one of the ways that Sunspace Design can offer the industry’s top quality at accessible prices.

New, conventionally framed conservatory walls and a glass roof opening are located on the side of a residence

The conventionally framed conservatory walls and roof opening are prepared in advance.
By finishing these steps first, the space is readied to accept the pre-assembled roof.

A conservatory glass roof system frame has been delivered to the work site and sits atop protective boards before the crane work begins

The conservatory glass roof system frame has been delivered to the work site.
Next we’ll be crane-lifting the roof system and placing it on the walls.

A Sunspace Design crane operator lifts the mahogany and steel roof frame into position while two additional crewmen guide the frame into place

A view of our expert team lifting the pre-framed mahogany and steel roof into place…

The conservatory glass roof frame is lowered into place by the crane operator and positioned by the Sunspace team

…and another view as the angular conservatory roof system is lowered into place.

The newly installed glass roof frame sits in position above the conventionally framed walls before the glass, copper capping, and flashings are installed

In the span of an hour, the Sunspace Design crew has delivered, lifted, and installed the roof system.
We’re now ready for the next steps: installing the glass, copper capping, and flashings.

A crane operator lifts an argon-filled, low-e glass (PPG Solar Ban 70 XL) pane into position

The crane operator carefully lifts each glass unit into position…

The crane operator guides another glass roof pane toward the crew member who will receive, place, and install it in the new conservatory glass roof frame

…where it is received, placed, and installed by a member of our talented field crew.

Three crewmen install this New Hampshire conservatory's largest glass roof pane, which measures in at just over eight feet in length

The largest glass unit used in this glass roof system is over eight feet long.

The conservatory's glass roof system has a front that is fully outfitted in high performing glass and crewmen work around a residential roof area that has been cleared of snow

The front section of the roof system is now fully outfitted with high performing glass.
Snow on the roof? No problem. We can get the job done.
Our spaces are built New Hampshire-tough, and our crew is, too.

An interior view of the conservatory which depicts the installed glass roof, the steep pitch of the structure's design, and the surrounding snowy trees through the windows

The glass roof is in place!
The steep pitch allows an open view from the adjacent kitchen and family room.

An exterior view of the conservatory which depicts the installed copper cladding, valley flashing, eave flashing, and decorative finial

Copper cladding, valley flashing, and eave flashing have been fully installed.
A decorative finial adds a lovely, classic touch to the glass roof.

An interior view of the finished, unfurnished conservatory located adjacent to the kitchen

The finished (but unfurnished) conservatory is adjacent to the kitchen.
This will be an incredible dining area.

A view of the conservatory and angular glass roof system visible from the entryway of the home

An interior view of the conservatory taken from the foyer/entryway.
It’s going to leave guests with an incredible first impression!.

The conservatory interior's floor is elegant mahogany

The conservatory’s dining space features a brand new, mahogany floor.
Sunspace Design has years of experience working with a large range of flooring options.

An angled view of the conservatory dining area which features a beautiful wood table, chairs, and a centerpiece

The completed glass conservatory dining area. Family memories will be made here.

The backyard is visible through the Marvin casement windows (each with a clerestory above) lining the walls of this NH conservatory project

Another view of the dining area.

The finished conservatory stands proudly in the homeowner's yard and is surrounded by small plants

An exterior look at the finished conservatory.
It pairs wonderfully with the home’s existing architecture and revolutionizes the residence’s design and silhouette.


A view of the completed conservatory taken at night with interior light pooling into the yard

A nighttime look at the brand new residential conservatory.

This project was a real joy to work on and we were eager to add the finished results to our portfolio of completed projects. The glass roof we installed meshes perfectly with the existing exterior sloped roof and interior sloped ceiling. The concealed steel ridge we anchored to a structural beam at the rear enabled us to bring the ridge into that slope. The resulting implementation allows stunning levels of sunlight to enter the client’s home.

Are you a homeowner longing for a renovation project that will revitalize your home for years to come? Are you a professional looking for an experienced custom glass space firm to handle glass work for a project you’ve taken on? Sunspace Design is here to help. To reach us, use our online contact form, email us at, or dial us at 1-800-530-2505. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as is possible. Remember: when it’s time to let the light in, call Sunspace Design.

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