A Swimming Pool Enclosure in Carlisle

by | Apr 23, 2017 | Construction

Our construction showcase series is an ongoing article roll-out offering a “behind the scenes” view of the Sunspace Design construction process. We aim to give our readers a unique perspective on the steps we take to bring our projects to life. We also hope to highlight the variety of talents our expert crew brings to the fore. There aren’t many problems we can’t solve on the field.

If you haven’t already checked it out, visit the first entry in our construction showcase series: a greenhouse in Boston’s Beacon Hill.

Today’s entry features a breathtaking indoor swimming pool enclosure built by the Sunspace team in Carlisle, Massachusetts. You can see the finished result and learn more about the project by visiting its portfolio entry. This project is especially important to us because it’s the third project we designed and developed on this client’s property. Repeat business is something we do our best to encourage by ensuring that every client who partners with Sunspace Design walks away completely confident that they’ve received their money’s worth.

The enclosure is adorned with an insulated glass roof with douglas fir framing and triple-pane glass. The floor is a sophisticated bluestone (one of our best flooring options for working spaces thanks to its combination of durability, performance, and elegance). We also outfitted the space with a full bath, seating area, kitchen space, fireplace, and wall-mounted television for the convenience of the clients. Let’s get a better view!

An architectural drawing of the front elevation of a custom indoor swimming pool enclosure built by Sunspace Design in Carlisle, Massachusetts

Here we see a structural drawing for the indoor swimming pool enclosure’s front elevation.
Every project we work on begins with architectural drawings and designs like this one.

A construction photograph of a swimming pool enclosure foundation placed beside a New England carriage house

The pool enclosure foundation has been placed.

A construction photograph depicting a swimming pool in the process of being installed

The initial phase of this Massachusetts pool installation is complete.
Next: the pool enclosure frame.

Sunspace Design crew members working on a swimmin pool enclosure's exterior frame on a snowy New England morning

Our talented team begins the process of building the exterior wall frame.
Snow isn’t a problem: we’re a New England design-build firm with experience to match.

Construction workers building a gable end wall and a tie-in to an existing carriage house for a seamless transition

Work begins on the gable end wall and the tie-in to the existing carriage house.
Our in-house design team ensures that every project pairs seamlessly with the existing architecture.

A solid steel center structure that will provide the basis for the swimming pool enclosure frame has been positioned in place

The solid steel center structure has been positioned.
The indoor pool enclosure’s frame is beginning to take shape!

The Sunspace Design crew begins framing this Carlisle, Massachusetts swimming pool enclosure's roof, adding large structural valley rafters to create the glass roof's shape

With the steel frame in place, we begin the process of carefully framing the pool building’s roof.
Large structural valley rafters are positioned to define what will become the glass area of the roof.

A New England pool building with sheating installed on the walls and roof

Sheathing is installed on the walls and roof.

An photograph of a crew member hard at work building the interior frame of the pool enclosure

Here’s an interior view of the framing which really shows off the grand scale of the project!

A structural ridge is installed on the pool enclosure building to support the glass roof section that will sit over the pool below

A structural ridge is installed for the custom glass roof section which sits over the pool.
The roof will create a luminous space below.

A crane lifts one side of a glass roof frame that has been fabricated off-site whiile crewmen position the frame into place

If it serves the interests of the project, we’ll fabricate structural elements off-site.
We carefully lift one side of the glass roof frame into place with the help of a crane.

An interior photograph of a brightly lit pool enclosure construction site which reveals the angular shape of the glass roof opening

This interior perspective provides a preliminary view of the glass roof’s shape.

Workers install new, custom-milled douglas fir rafters into the glass roof frame in order to support the glass roof panes

New, custom-milled douglas fir rafters are installed.
The rafters will support the triple-pane, high performance glass we’ll be using.

An exterior shot of a pool enclosure's glass roof featuring panes of Solar Ban 70-XL glass

High performance Solar Ban 70-XL insulated glass is now in place.
All of our projects adhere to strict thermal and solar regulation standards.

A series of ladders rest against construction staging beside a Carlisle, Massachusetts glass space construction site while copper flashing is being installed on the glass roof's exterior

The copper exterior flashing installation is almost complete.
Copper flashing is a great choice: versatile, long-lasting, and beautiful to look at.

The swimming pool enclosure is being outfitted with custom wood moldings and trim

The exterior custom wood moldings and trim are starting to take shape.

An interior shot of Thermax insulation and vapor barriers being installed on all walls and ceiling areas in a pool enclosure

Thermax insulation and vapor barrier installations have been completed on all walls and ceiling areas.
This space needs to stand up to a variety of humidity and temperature conditions, so we’ll make sure it can.

An interior photograph of a pool enclosure with a custom glass roof, sliding glass doors, and in-progress interior plaster

This photograph of the custom glass roof over the pool reveals the design’s impressive shape.
Work on the front elevation, sliding glass doors, and interior plaster nears completion.

An exterior view of a swimming pool enclosure that can function properly in all four seasons

The exterior paint work is now complete.

Ladders used to work on interior trim are set up beside the front wall of a pool enclosure construction site

Interior trim work begins on the front wall and pool coping is installed.
We’re almost ready to begin work on the bluestone floor.

Bluestone flooring is being installed around this Carlisle, Massachusetts swimming pool before the automated pool cover installation is complete

The flooring nears completion and the pool has been filled for the very first time.
A milestone has been reached! We’re now ready to install the automated pool cover.

Pool water is being heated beneath the pool enclosure's glass roof

With construction winding down, the pool water is being heated for the very first swim.

An exterior photograph of a completed pool enclosure home addition tied onto a Massachusetts carriage house

An exterior view of the completed pool enclosure.
It’s a gem on the client’s property that’s sure to win many admirers.

A swimming pool enclosure with a seating area, bathroom, kitchen, hallway, and entertainment area

 The seating area adjoins bathroom and kitchen areas via a short hallway.
As you can see, the space is fully-equipped for virtually any entertainment scenario!

A photograph taken beside an enclosed swimming pool surrounded by pristine bluestone flooring, beneath a custom glass roof

The finished interior is a sight to behold.

We’re proud to have been involved this project. Swimming pool enclosures offer numerous benefits to homeowners, so their increasing popularity isn’t a surprise. If you’re interested in outfitting your property with a similar enclosure, we hope that this article has given you a sense of our approach and our standards. We’re confident that we can give you the home addition of your dreams.

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine swimming pool enclosures have unique requirements due to the region’s variable weather. Choosing us for your project will give you peace of mind: all of our custom glass enclosures remain well-ventilated in every weather condition.

Are you a homeowner seeking the perfect pool enclosure to transform your family’s favorite entertainment and relaxation area into a space that can be enjoyed in all four seasons? Consider Sunspace Design for your project and contact us today. We have the talent, experience, and knowledge needed to give you everything you deserve as you embark upon your next renovation project.

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