A Greenhouse in Boston’s Beacon Hill

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Construction

Introducing Build Journals to the Sunspace Design Website


Sunspace Design has designed, engineered, constructed, and installed numerous high quality residential and commercial glass spaces throughout Massachusetts and the greater New England area. You can explore a large number of these spaces via the completed project entries we keep in our online portfolio.

Beyond featuring our completed projects, we also think it’s important to provide a window into our process. Every project is unique. This post kicks off a brand new construction showcase series: a collection of articles detailing the construction process from beginning to end. Each article will include behind-the-scenes photos taken by our talented crew while at work in the field.


A Custom Glass Greenhouse Construction Project in the Heart of Boston


Today’s entry features a stunning greenhouse design we constructed in Boston, Massachusetts. This private garden oasis is tucked in the heart of Beacon Hill across from the Hatch Memorial Shell and near the Arthur Fiedler Footbridge. Home to blackgum trees, azaleas, and lush roses, this custom Victorian greenhouse includes top of the line technology including motorized, thermostatically controlled ridge vents, remote controlled shades, and a heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) split system. Other notable elements include smoked privacy glass to the rear, and a mirage window wall with accordion doors to the front.

The nearby Boston Public Garden and Boston Common have been providing Bostonians with easy access to lush scenery for years, and with its grand view of the Charles River and prime location, this city greenhouse project mirrors that tradition perfectly. We couldn’t be happier with the result.


The Greenhouse Construction Process Visualized: Start to Finish


An architectural drawing of a custom Victorian conservatory intended for greenhouse use in Boston, Massachusetts

 The custom greenhouse’s architectural drawings and specifications called for roof vents on both sides of the structure, and an accordion door supported at the bottom.

A construction photograph of a Sunspace Design greenhouse foundation and granite cap

The brick greenhouse foundation and granite cap are finished before our team begins the installation phase. It may not look like much right now, but the magic is about to happen.

A construction photograph of a greenhouse's rafters being positioned in place in Boston's Beacon Hill

The greenhouse’s rafters have been positioned in place.

A photograph of a city greenhouse's rafters and posts being assembled by an experienced glass space crew

The rafters and posts have been assembled by our expert greenhouse installation team.

This Victorian glass space features automatic ridge vents for proper thermal regulation

An automatic ridge vent has been installed.

A photograph of decorative ridge cresting that has been recently added to a metropolitan custom glass greenhouse under construction

The gorgeous ridge cresting will give the greenhouse a stunning silhouette.

A construction site photograph of a completed greenhouse frame built with black, powder-coated aluminum

Glass installation can begin now that the black, powder-coated aluminum frame is in place.

The construction crew completes work on the folding glass front wall (accordion door) of this Boston greenhouse

The folding glass front wall is nearly complete.

A wide photograph of a Sunspace construction site; the garden space around this greenhouse is being finalized and prepped

Here’s a wider view of the area. The garden and greenhouse space is starting to come together.

A photograph of a fenced-in greenhouse space located in the heart of Boston's Beacon Hill near the Charles River

A view from across the street. The completed greenhouse enjoys a view of the Charles River across the esplanade.

The talented crew puts the finishing touches on the seating area adjacent to the custom greenhouse installation

The seating area is being finalized, and the greenhouse’s finishing touches are nearly in place.

A photograph of a finished Sunspace Design greenhouse housing lush plants. Smoked privacy glass is visible in the greenhouse interior

A shot of the finished product. This Sunspace Design glass structure is a gem located in one of Boston’s most vibrant areas.

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As glass space design and installation professionals, we’ve been immersed in this field for years (completing projects in every condition and location). As we hope this case study indicates, our custom greenhouses are constructed using the finest materials and are built to last. And because we’ve installed custom glass spaces in virtually every location including both rural and metropolitan areas, we have the experience to ensure that you receive the design and build quality you deserve.

Are you a gardener longing for a green space to house your plants, a professional looking for an experienced firm to collaborate with, or a homeowner seeking a custom glass space for a home transformation project? We encourage you to consider Sunspace Design. Thanks for reading.

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