6 Great Places to Install a Skylight

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Planning

Choosing the Right Location When Adding a Skylight to Your Home


Spring is here! As the weather warms up and the lingering winter snows melt, it’s common for homeowners throughout New England to begin planning their long-awaited home renovations. Sunspace Design engineers and builds all of its four season sunrooms, conservatories, and other glass spaces to operate at peak performance in any weather condition; it doesn’t matter whether the sun is shining or a nor’easter is blowing. But the cold months aren’t ideal for launching new construction projects. Now that it’s easier to combat the elements, you can use the warm weather to defrost any home improvement goals you’ve kept on ice.

We offer tremendous value to virtually any home improvement project. Our range of custom glass products and spaces include greenhouses, orangeries, pool enclosures, and more. We can tailor a project to meet virtually any need a client might have. Our products are only built using the very best materials, and we can use those materials to craft any design under the sun.


A gorgeous roof lantern under construction in Boston, Massachusetts with the city skyline visible behind

This shot of a gorgeous Sunspace Design roof lantern under construction features the Boston, Massachusetts city skyline in the background. What a view!


We Engineer Custom Skylight Solutions Tailored for Your Home


Our range of custom skylights, roof lanterns, and glass roof systems is one of our most popular product lines. The addition of simple glass roofing elements offers a home transformation at a low cost, while more elaborate and elegant projects offer stunning aesthetics, performance, and value for the price. This value exists because we offer a superior product.

In this article we’ll be discussing placement options for skylights in a typical New England home. Your home’s layout may restrict your options, but we are known for our adaptability. Approach Sunspace with your project and we’ll get back to you with options unique to your situation.

Perhaps your home faces an unfavorable location and is shaded. A skylight can be a fantastic way to introduce a bloom of natural light to an otherwise dark space. Skylights can even reduce the amount of electric light needed by providing natural solar warmth during the winter. With so many benefits, the question remains: where should I install a skylight? Let’s help you answer that question. Here are some skylight location options and the corresponding benefits:


1. The Benefits of Kitchen Skylights


Kitchen skylights have gained popularity in recent years. A beautiful kitchen skylight will create a sense of space throughout the room. Smaller kitchens invariably look larger and brighter afterward. Less electric light during the day and more natural sunlight means that it’s easier and more pleasant to get work done. It may even be safer! Our skylights and glass roof systems can be placed over (or beside) a kitchen island or workspace to ensure that optimal light levels are reached. Depicted below is an example of a double hip skylight introduced to a client’s home as part of a kitchen renovation project we completed in Medfield, Massachusetts. We think you’ll agree: the results are stunning! No matter what your kitchen’s style is, we can provide a glass roof element to match.


A double hip skylight flooding a kitchen and living area with natural light in Medfield, Massachusetts


2. The Benefits of Bathroom Skylights


Bathrooms benefit from skylights in many ways. Is your bathroom small and cramped? Is much of your bathroom’s wall space taken up by towel racks, cabinets, toilets, and more? If so, one of the best ways to introduce additional light is through the addition of a bathroom skylight.

Lighting a bathroom can be a nightmare. Skylights introduce a wealth of natural light throughout most of the day. You’ll never nick yourself while shaving again! The addition of a skylight above the bathtub will solve your daytime lighting issue while providing a stellar view of the stars at night. Alternately, if your bathroom has a simple standing shower, we can open and brighten it. A skylight introduced above a shower will completely change the dynamic of a space that is otherwise small and dark.

Condensation and moisture troubles are often special concerns for bathrooms. But Sunspace Design can thermally regulate any space we complete a project in, so you don’t need to worry about the condensation drawbacks.


3. The Benefits of Foyer Skylights


Is the entryway to your home dark, small, or cloistered off from the main floor of your home? The addition of a skylight to your home’s entryway or foyer will make all the difference. You can expect your home to receive far more light and to take on the airy, open feeling that so many homeowners seek. Guests will be immediately impressed and pleasantly surprised at the amount of natural light they receive after entering your home. There is no better way to make a first impression.


A stunning glass dormer roof skylight system above a Sunspace Design conservatory in Martha's Vineyard, Massachsuetts


4. The Benefits of Living Room or Family Room Skylights


The most common skylight installation spot is the living room. It makes sense: this is a space where family and friends frequently relax, socialize, and sometimes dine. A skylight or glass roof system introduced to a family room or living room is the height of practicality, because it’s sure to be enjoyed by virtually everyone who makes use of the space. This is a great option for any family with children. Sunlight is essential to us all, so why limit the amount that your family receives?

If you want your living space to be brighter, airier, and more open, a Sunspace Design skylight is the right option. By adding beautiful, natural light, your room will appear fresher and more inviting. You’ll also reduce the need for artificial light. Think of the number of lamps and fixtures needed to adequately light a living room of even moderate size. The addition of glass in the roof will completely cut these lighting requirements for a large portion of each day. This will save you money, and it’ll bolster your health.

Skylights also produce heat, which is a welcome addition in the winter, particularly in the northeast. We know this all too well thanks to our years as a New England skylight company, so we often emphasize solar and thermal regulation benefits when discussing our products with new clients.


A custom double hip skylight framed in mahogany located above a Cape Cod-style home's family room in Newbury, Massachusetts


5. The Benefits of Bedroom Skylights

If there’s one room that should feel like a comfortable haven, it’s the bedroom. So many of us get too little sleep, and dark, dingy, or unappealing bedrooms don’t help. By adding a skylight to your bedroom, you’ll have a surefire way to create that wow-factor that so many homeowners seek. Whether your bedroom is small, poorly lit, or simply less exciting than you wish, a roof lantern or skylight can open up and transform the space.

Imagine laying down to sleep while looking up at the stars. Imagine waking up to experience the gorgeous light of the sunrise. A bedroom skylight brings relaxation and brightness that so many bedrooms lack. This will provide immeasurable quality of life benefits to you and your husband or wife. And don’t worry about the downsides: if the sunlight is too bright for you in the morning, we can easily install blinds or shades which can be conveniently drawn or retracted.


6. The Benefits of Closet Skylights

Having a walk-in closet is considered a luxury by many, but most walk-in closets are small, dark, and have walls lined with clothes. This leaves no place to install a window or any additional lights. Furthermore, when a light is installed, it rarely provides accurate, “day true” lighting. What use is an expansive wardrobe if you can’t gauge how you’ll look once you’re in the sun?

Installing a skylight can completely transform your closet space. The addition of natural sunlight makes a world of difference, giving you the ability to see the true colors of the clothes you pick and brightening up an area that should be special. If someone in your family makes frequent use of a walk-in closet, there can be no better gift than a skylight to match.


A sloped conservatory roof system located beside the foyer, family room, and kitchen of a Rye, New Hampshire home


Our Four-Season Skylights are Elegant and Resilient: Perfect for New England


Skylights are an environmentally friendly way of introducing extra sunlight and warmth to areas that are otherwise shaded or dark. They also eliminate the need for constant artificial light in dark rooms, so skylights can end up saving you money down the road.

Sunspace Design has over thirty-five years of company experience designing, building, and installing skylights and roof systems in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. We’ve been described as the best skylight company in Massachusetts. And in our previous introduction to skylights, we discussed how our skylights and roof systems differ from the mass-produced offerings of our competitors.

Our skylights aren’t simple shapes seemingly cut-out of a home’s ceiling, but are elegant mahogany and glass structures designed to completely fill a space with natural light. We can create seamless transitions from the conventional roof elements to the new glass addition, and our designs always reflect the home’s existing style. When tackling larger projects, our competitors can only offer multiple “ganged” skylights with obfuscating framing elements, but we’re capable of offering gorgeous single units across very large spans. This is where experience counts.

If you’re interested in seeing how Sunspace Design can revolutionize your home through the addition of one of our glass roof products, we invite you to contact us today.  We’ll get back to you quickly after you contact us using our convenient online form, write us via email at info@sunspacedesign.com, or call us at 1-800-530-2505. We’re enthusiastic to hear about your project. Remember: when you’re ready to let the light in, call Sunspace Design.

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