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by | Jun 22, 2017 | Company

We’re always on the lookout for useful and interesting ways to share information about our products and services with fellow New Englanders, so when Boston Voyager contacted us with an interview offer, we were happy to agree. This up-and-coming digital magazine is focused on Boston life and culture. They often feature small businesses with unique specialties who operate in the area, and we’re proud to have been selected for their showcase. Our interview covers topics ranging from the origin of Sunspace Design, to the challenges we’ve faced throughout our years in operation, to the values and principles which guide our company.

You can read Boston Voyager’s full interview with Sunspace president, Tom Nigro, via the following link:

“New England isn’t the most obvious place for a custom glass structure company to build a reputation in. Cold, icy winters and hot, humid summers pose clear challenges for glass spaces in particular. Most homeowners would be thrilled to have a stunning glass conservatory on their property, but not if it means breaking the bank by driving up heating costs or maintenance expenses.

Competition from inferior and lower priced competitors added to this challenge. In order to make a name for ourselves, we not only had to provide quality products and services at competitive prices, but we had to demonstrate the superiority of our products to our clients who were unfamiliar with our offerings. Would these rooms leak? Would they be too cold or too hot? Would they last for multiple seasons? Would they look better than the prefabricated options already on the market? Every potential client had these questions, among others, and it was important for us to become proficient at answering these questions in effective ways that any homeowner could appreciate.

As glass technologies and energy efficiency standards improved, our company kept up with the changes. Our ability to merge the very best modern technologies with the most elegant designs has been crucial to our success. For example: the materials we use allow us to control solar gain and introduce high R-values (for heat retention). In turn, this has enabled us to design rooms that are thermally sound despite utilizing large glass spans or other structural elements less common in residential areas. Other technologies and construction methods were equally important, including but not limited to our use of conventional, highly insulated walls, top of the line windows, the most energy-efficient glass, and glazing technologies enabling intricate roof system designs which offer watertight seals and strong leak-proof warranties.

Our many years of experience in the field have enabled us to meet these challenges head-on. We’re proud to say that our custom glass spaces perform well in every weather condition. While it may be true that many conservatories, sunrooms, or greenhouses offered by our competitors can’t stand up to all four seasons, a Sunspace Design glass space absolutely can. The difference in value is clear, and that really matters to New Englanders.”

Tom Nigro

President, Sunspace Design

We offer an elegant range of glass products and enclosures constructed using the very best materials and methods. And our commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and versatile design makes us unique in our service area. We hope that Boston Voyager’s readership has enjoyed learning about our company.

If you’re a new visitor to the Sunspace website and would like to learn more about how we can help with your project, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached via our online contact form, by directing email to, or by calling 1-800-530-2505. When it’s time to let the light in, call Sunspace Design!

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