A New Deck Enclosure in Stratham

by | Jul 2, 2017 | Construction

One of Sunspace Design’s strengths is our ability to merge traditional construction practices with the unique requirements of glass enclosure design. For that reason, we offer general construction services in addition to our line of custom glass products. This catch-all category stands apart from our traditional lines like greenhouses, sunrooms, conservatories, pool enclosures, and skylights because it represents a fundamental flexibility we offer every client: if you have a unique goal in  mind, we can help you achieve it. We’ve completed deck and patio projects, total kitchen transformations, and complete home renovations for clients throughout New England.

Today’s Construction Showcase entry features a hybrid project involving elements of both traditional construction and glass space work: the conversion of an exterior deck into a year-round room at a residence in Stratham, New Hampshire. The process required new conventionally constructed frames to the existing deck’s footprint, bringing in thermally efficient insulation, and new siding and roofing. The visual goal was to create a seamless transition with the home’s preexisting architectural style. Other details include beautiful pine boards, a sloped ceiling, and large glass windows. The result is the transformation of a seasonal deck into a rustic space that can be enjoyed by family and friends throughout the year, in any environmental condition. Let’s take a closer look at the process.

An architectural drawing of the front elevation of a new Stratham, New Hampshire deck enclosure being installed to convert the existing deck into a year-round room

An architectural drawing of the New Hampshire residential deck enclosure to be constructed.

A photo of a Sunspace crewman constructing a new wall frame and structural headers on the rear deck of the client's home

Here’s a view of the original deck at the rear of the client’s home.
The new wall frame and structural headers have been installed.

Exterior sheathing encapsulates the new deck enclosure built on this Stratham, New Hampshire property

With the wall frame complete, exterior sheathing is next.

An interior photograph of a new deck enclosure showing gorgeous sold pine boards along both sides of a sloped ceiling

Windows have been installed in the new space.
Take a look at those gorgeous solid pine boards adorning the sloped ceiling!

A photograph of the new deck enclosure with trim and architectural details creating a seamless transition with the main residential structure

The exterior has been completed to match the existing home.
We take the existing structure’s design into account whenever we plan a project.

An interior, furnished photograph of a deck enclosure depicting pine boards, a hardwood floor, a small wood stove, and comfortable couches

Here’s a view of the completed room with full furnishings.
This rustic space is perfect for entertainment or relaxation.

Whether you’re after a new sunroom addition adjacent to your home, or a grand skylight to flood your existing rooms with natural sunlight, we’ve got you covered. We’re well versed in the building regulations and code requirements of every New England state, and our commitment to homeowners remains unblemished after over 35 years of service. If you’d like to learn more about our offerings, you can contact us by submitting a contact form entry through our website, by calling us at 1-800-530-2505, or by sending an email to info@sunspacedesign.com. A Sunspace representative will be in touch with you shortly thereafter.

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