A New Porch Enclosure in York

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Construction

Although our main office is located in Maine, our company was founded in Massachusetts. Our home office is just a base of operations; we’re a service area company at heart, and to this day we conduct a majority of our business out of state in a region extending to The Bay State. The majority of our projects to date have been completed in Massachusetts, and we’ve also completed a great many projects in New Hampshire. That’s why we’re happy to present a project that we recently completed right here in York, Maine, close to our headquarters!

This project involved the addition of a new porch enclosure to a building near the coast. The addition provides shelter from the elements while preserving the location’s perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean. As always, our design team worked diligently to ensure that the design of the completed project blended seamlessly with that of the existing architecture. We think you’ll be as pleased with the results as the owner was, so let’s take a closer look at the construction sequence.

An architectural drawing of the side elevation of a new York, Maine porch enclosure being installed on a covered deck

A drawing of the enclosure.
Every project begins with multiple architectural drawings.

A "before" photo of this porch in York which provides a glimpse at what it looked like before being enclosed

This is a photo of the porch as it looked before we began construction.
Although the porch is covered, a portion of it will be enclosed as well.

A Sunspace worker is on his hands and knees removing decking in anticipation of installing a carrying beam below

Decking is being removed so that installation of the new carrying beam can proceed below.

A photo of the reinstalled decking with new flashing added along the perimeter of the wall area

New flashing is installed at the perimeter of the wall area.
Decking is re-installed so that it will appear undisturbed when the walls are completed.

Three ladders stand beside a Sunspace Design porch enclosure renovation project with newly framed wall and roof elements

The wall and roof framing of the enclosure is nearly complete.

Wall and roof work continues on this seaside porch enclosure project located in York, Maine

The Sunspace Design crew continues work on the wall and roof.

New windows and protective sheathing have been added to this porch enclosure

The windows are being installed.
The addition has been wrapped to protect against the ocean winds.

A view from the interior of the porch enclosure project showing the shining Atlantic Ocean

This snapshot taken from the interior illustrates the structure’s great view of the Atlantic.

Another interior view taken within the porch enclosure showing the Atlantic Ocean on a bright, blue day

What a view!

A photograph of the completed porch enclosure with large glass windows showing a seamless architectural transition with the main structure

The siding and trim are just about complete.
This will be a maintenance-free exterior.

Home additions and renovation projects come in all sizes. Whether you’re in the market for a new enclosure for your porch or patio – or a totally new structure you want added to your property – we’re here to meet your needs. Take a look at our custom glass product lines or online portfolio of completed glass structures for more information about our offerings. When you’re ready to take the next step, you can reach us through our contact form, by calling 1-800-530-2505, or by emailing us at info@sunspacedesign.com. Want to let the light in? Contact Sunspace Design today.

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