A Custom Rooftop Skylight in Boston

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Construction

Flexibility is a strength. Throughout the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine service areas, Sunspace Design is unique in its ability to produce top quality results across residential, commercial, metropolitan, rural, and coastal spaces. We owe this versatility to our 35+ years of uninterrupted experience servicing the region. The Sunspace Design crew has the talent and know-how necessary to complete any New England job with precision and beauty.

We offer custom glass enclosure and home addition designs tailored to meet your unique construction needs, and are able to provide engineered glass component CAD drawings for architectural projects of any scale. This allows us to work as specialists on projects headed up by other firms, or as general contractors as needed. Our detailed knowledge of industry regulations and building code requirements throughout New England directly benefits homeowners. We save you from the burden of paperwork when you’re more interested in planning the specifics of your custom home addition. We’ll even obtain the building permit for you!

Today’s Construction Showcase entry features a custom mahogany rooftop skylight designed and engineered by our team. Located in the heart of the city with a full view of the Boston skyline, this gorgeous glass roof system was built to replace an aging, barrel vaulted structure that had reached the end of its lifespan. A number of key components were developed in our shop and transported to the construction site. Our custom glass structures require precision engineering. By developing key components away from the job site, we maintain quality building standards while saving you time and money.

The finished structure features gable-style end walls and a steel frame concealed in mahogany. Concealing the steel frame provides excellent structural support at no cost to beauty. Clerestory windows line the sides of the structure beneath the sloped glass roof elements. Together, the glass roof and clerestory walls provide the space below with an abundance of sunshine. Copper flashing and capping complete the structure, and rooftop access is provided via an access door on one of the gable-style end walls.

Let’s explore the Sunspace Design building process via the photos below:

An architectural drawing of a side wall lined with clerestory windows that's to be installed in a Boston, Massachusetts mahogany rooftop skylight project

An architectural drawing of a side wall to be used in the mahogany framed rooftop skylight project.
These fully engineered CAD drawings are crucial, and we produce multiple per project.

A photo of an aging rooftop structure to be removed and replaced by the Sunspace Design crew

A photo of the existing structure that’s to be replaced.
Contact Sunspace Design to replace aging enclosures like these. The results are worth it!

Interior photo of the aging, dilapidated barrel vaulted structure taken in the days before its removal and replacement

A view from the inside of the existing structure.
Signs of deterioration are visible everywhere.

A Sunspace Design truck has been loaded up with shop-made components for transportation to the rooftop construction site

The truck is loaded up with shop-made components.
We can transport our components to any location, in or out of the city.

A crucial steel ridge beam is being hoisted into position on the rooftop with a view of the Boston city skyline visible in the background

A steel ridge is being hoisted to the rooftop construction site.
We can meet any logistical challenge you might have.

A pre-framed gable end wall is being lifted into position for rooftop installation while being secured by a Sunspace Design crewman

One of the pre-framed gable end walls is being lifted into position.
Members of the team secure the wall during transportation.

A side wall frame to be lined with clerestory windows is being lifted to the roof by a crane operator

A side wall component is being lifted to the roof.
Each building project is carefully timed and planned for efficient and safe installation.

The Sunspace Design Boston roof construction site has been staged in preparation of the glass roof structure assembly

This view shows the roof site itself.
It has been staged, and we’re now ready for assembly to begin.

Workers have installed the side walls of the glass skylight's mahogany frame; rows of city apartment buildings are visible in the background

First, the side walls of the mahogany frame are set into place.

The front gable end wall has been added to the structure, although glass has not yet been installed

After the side walls are positioned, we put a gable end wall into place.

The structure's construction continues with the addition of the steel ridge and gable plates; these steel frame elements will be concealed in mahogany

The steel ridge and gable plates are installed.
All steel will be concealed within the mahogany framing.

The Boston city skyline stretches to the sky behind the glass roof frame being installed and assembled by Sunspace Design

The first side of the roof frame is now attached.
The structure will offer a great view of the cityscape.

The final steps of frame work continue as a company crewman weather seals the glass roof frame before high performance glass is installed

Final work is being done on the frame.
This includes weather sealing.

The glass skylight structure has been outfitted with glass along the sloped roof and clerestory wall sides

The roof and clerestory wall glass has been placed.
Our glass choices are optimal for thermal regulation in New England conditions.

Copper capping and flashing work continues on all sides of this Boston, Massachusetts glass roof structure construction site

Copper capping and flashing work has begun.
The resulting visual effect is elegant and timeless.

One side of the structure is fully complete; the clerestory walls and sloped roof glimmer in the sunlight thanks to the addition of copper flashing

One side of the structure has been completed.
The work site is being organized and tidied up.

The skylight glass has been completed, and the only remaining step is to finalize the solid gable end wall so as to allow rooftop access via a door

Skylight glass is complete! The “solid side” gable end wall is now being prepared.
A door will provide access to the rooftop deck.

An interior view of the new glass roof structure which shows the incredible levels of natural sunlight entering the rooftop stairwell

This interior snapshot was taken as the glass roof structure neared completion.

Doug, a veteran Sunspace crewman, puts the finishing touches on this gorgeous glass roof structure located in Boston, Massachusetts

Doug finishes up work on the brand new glass roof structure.
Custom designed skylights like these are our specialty.

We’re here for your custom glass enclosure, home addition, skylight, and glass roof needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re located in the city, in a rural area, or along the coast; our principal service area extends from ME to NH to MA, and we’ve performed work in every area of each state. Don’t hesitate to contact us about your residential or commercial building project. A discussion with a Sunspace representative costs nothing and can help determine if we’re the right fit for you.

A member of the Sunspace team can be reached through our contact form, by calling 1-800-530-2505, or by sending us an email at info@sunspacedesign.com. Thanks for your interest in Sunspace Design!

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