Replacing a Conservatory in Weston, MA

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Construction

We often serve clients who previously decided to add a glass enclosure to their property, but now want a change. Many of the structures being replaced are sunrooms or patio enclosures built in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and a surprising number are more recent installations. We repair and renovate glass enclosures throughout New England and can help extend the lifespan of aging structures. But more often than not, clients want to replace their existing sunroom, greenhouse, or conservatory with a custom Sunspace Design enclosure.

Reasons for replacement vary. Many homeowners simply want the elegance and superior craftsmanship that Sunspace Design provides. Our lines of custom glass enclosures and glass roof components are built using the best materials available to the industry, and the quality we offer—from temperature regulation to architectural flourish—is second to none. In these cases the client is often replacing a prefabricated, generic structure that was a poor match for their home. Prefabricated structures are templated, and there is almost no variation between units from the same product line.

By contrast, every Sunspace project is unique and design-forward. The glass enclosure you receive will be custom designed, built, and detailed to pair perfectly with the existing architectural style of your home. Our additions are one-of-a-kind products that elevate and transform existing spaces.

Prefabricated structures present additional problems. Due to inferior construction standards (especially in the case of aging enclosures), we often see structures with significant water and weather damage. In the case of attached enclosures, this damage can compromise the integrity of the adjacent home. When a structure isn’t engineered with region-specific standards, that structure will eventually fail under unique regional conditions. Our structures are built for New England. That means that you can expect four seasons of regular, comfortable use in every weather scenario, from summer sunshine to heavy winter snows.

Today’s Construction Showcase entry features an elegant conservatory addition introduced to a Weston, Massachusetts estate. The new conservatory replaced an aging one in the same location at the corner of the client’s home. As always, we carefully drafted plans with the help of the homeowner’s input before beginning construction.

The new enclosure was engineered to serve as an expansion to enhance the kitchen and dining areas. The classic stucco facade of the main building of the estate was taken into account when designing the conservatory’s look. Classic conservatory elements include large windows with clerestory units above. When paired with our glass roof, the windows and doors help transmit an incredible amount of natural sunlight into the home’s interior. Exterior details include copper cladding used for flashing and capping.

This finished results can be viewed in our online portfolio. The start to finish construction details are presented in the photographs below. Let’s take a look:

An architectural drawing of a conservatory that Sunspace Design built and installed in Weston, MA

A colorized CAD drawing of the replacement conservatory.
This design will soon be built by the Sunspace construction crew.

The crew has removed the aging structure and prepared the area for the new residential conservatory installation

The aging structure being replaced has been removed.
The area is now being prepared for new construction.

A crane lifts the roof frame of the new conservatory over the Weston, MA estate and into position

The walls have been framed, and the new roof frame is boomed over the house.
The pre-assembly of key components results in fast and effective builds.

Shiny copper cladding covers portions of the conservatory roof frame, which has been weather sealed for protection

The roof has been outfitted with high-performance glass.
Exterior copper cladding work has begun.

The new conservatory is located at the corner of the estate

The new unit extension is complete.
Careful attention was paid to the addition’s location.

The unfinished conservatory continues to receive interior trim work

Interior trim work finishes the space.
he outswing French door leads to an exterior patio area.

A view of the completed Weston residential glass conservatory with an adjoining patio area

A view of the completed conservatory.
The conservatory addition serves as an enclosed patio when guests enter.

A view from inside the conservatory with shows the large entryway leading to the living room and kitchen areas

A view of the completed conservatory from the interior.
Note the large entryway linking the dining, kitchen, and entertainment areas.

The conservatory is outfitted with Anderson 400-series windows and outswing French doors leading to a beautiful patio space

A patio-facing view from the interior.
The Anderson 400-series windows and doors are insulated and thermally efficient.

Homeowners put time, effort, and money into transforming their homes. They deserve great results. If you’re a homeowner from MA, NH, ME, or greater New England, consider Sunspace Design for your next home renovation project.

We can deliver at any scale. Our larger projects include expansive swimming pool enclosures and massive custom roof lantern skylights spanning forty feet. Our smaller projects include elegant orangeries, humble glass enclosed work areas, and simple skylights which transmit natural sunlight to each room they’re added to.

Contact us through our convenient online form, via phone by dialing 1-800-530-2505, or by sending an email to our address. We look forward to hearing from you!

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