Conservatory & Sunroom Style Guide

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Design

Choosing the Right Glass Structure Style for Your Home


Both conservatories and sunrooms come in all shapes, styles, and sizes to fit the unique needs and budget of every homeowner. When deciding what kind of style sunroom or conservatory you’re interested in, it’s important to make note of what you’ll be using the space for.

Will your new Sunspace glass room addition be used as a family living space? If so, selecting the right glazing, insulation, and flooring is of key importance. Will the space be used as a garden room or a room for pets? If so, it will be doubly-important to ensure that the space is designed to meet these needs. Will you only be using it as a room in the warm months or do you want access to it all year-round? In this case, we’ve have you covered either way: Sunspace Design specializes in glass spaces that can be comfortably used in virtually any environmental condition, including a frosty Maine or New Hampshire winter!


A split photograph depicting a traditional conservatory (left) and a contemporary sunroom (right)


Function comes first. Determining the intended use of your new space is extremely important in selecting a style and budget for your new home addition. It’s also crucial that you take into account the style of your existing home. As the top sunroom and conservatory builder in Massachusetts and the greater New England area, we strive to ensure that we achieve excellence in construction and design. The end goal should be a home addition that offers a visual appearance compatible with your existing structure.

Continue reading to explore some of our most popular conservatory and sunroom styles. We hope that this information will aid you in your decision-making process. Sunspace Design is eager to help you navigate your next home improvement voyage!


An elegant Victorian conservatory with a bay front, a sloped glass roof, and ornate decoration on the roof ridge


The Victorian Conservatory: Timeless Elegance

This is one of the most popular and timeless glass space styles. In our work as a design-build firm, this particular architectural approach has a special place in our heart. A traditional Victorian conservatory style encompasses a bay front, a pitched roof, and an ornate roof ridge. The addition of a spire or finial is a typical stylistic flourish that really elevates the structure’s appearance. Victorian styles pair well with classically beautiful homes. If you’re a homeowner looking for a way to transform your residence with an addition that will offer function, value, and elegant beauty, one of our Victorian conservatories or orangeries is the perfect choice.


A traditional conservatory featuring large windows with a clerestory that has been designed and installed by Sunspace Design


The Traditional Conservatory: Classic Flexibility

A traditional conservatory places an emphasis on bold windows both at eye-level and through the clerestory (a high section of the wall also featuring windows). The shape (and roof) of a traditional conservatory is often octagonal. The roof often features copper cladding and flashing. The interior custom woodworking features crown moldings and includes custom wall-recessed panel details. This carries through to the exterior exterior walls, where crown molding and columns are paired with a similar approach to paneling. The resulting effect is a beautiful, classic appearance that matches a variety of home styles.


A bright, contemporary conservatory featuring large, clear glass window panes and a simple, open design


The Contemporary Conservatory: Modern Functionality

Though not as ornate and grand as Victorian conservatories, contemporary conservatories are a beautiful option for those looking for an addition to a modern home. This conservatory style makes use of clear glass windows but without the grills and clerestory you might find on a Victorian or traditional conservatory. Clean and modern, this style’s geometric simplicity does not detract from the grandeur it offers any home. Additionally, because contemporary glass spaces often come in square or rectangular shapes, it’s comparatively easy to transform them into a highly functional space within your home.


An interior view of a spacious, gable style sunroom with a double-sloped roof and an impressive lakeside view


The Gable Sunroom: Grand Heights

A gable-style sunroom has a distinctly-shaped double-sloped roof. The double slope creates a triangular shaped area above the front wall. The centered, sloping roof provides a feeling of height, volume, and space. This sunroom style offers a perfect balance of traditional elegance and modern simplicity, so it pairs beautifully with virtually every of style home. In addition, the square or rectangular shape provides the maximum amount of space to plan your new room. Depending on the intended use of your space, this additional room might be crucial.


A simple lean-to sunroom with a contemporary design intended to maximize the amount of available floor space


The Lean-To Sunroom: Budget-Friendly Beauty

Here’s a simple and perfectly functional option for anyone on a tight budget. The lean-to sunroom is a contemporary glass space style which maximizes your usable floor area without breaking the bank. This style might appeal to those who prefer a more modern look, or those who have a limited amount of space to work with. The resulting glass space will provide you with the perfect room for dining, cooking, office work, hobbies, play, or family gatherings.


An elevated contemporary sunroom with floor-to-ceiling windows and large glass spans in the roof


The Contemporary Sunroom: Light and Airy

A sunroom built in a contemporary style offers space and functionality at a reasonable price. The glass roof and floor-to-ceiling windows allow an abundance of natural light into your home. Contemporary sunrooms are especially suited for modern homes and exteriors.


Ready to Enhance Your Home’s Style?

Whether you’re thinking of building a sunroom or a conservatory, it’s important to know the styles and options that are available. Sunspace Design is here to guide you through every step of the process. None of the styles listed on this page are set in stone, and the custom glass space we introduce to your home will be tailored to meet your exact specifications. Whether you want a small, modern sunroom or a grand, Victorian conservatory, we’ll work closely with you to turn the home you love into the home of your dreams. Contact us for more information today.

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