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Selecting the Right Design-Build Firm


Let’s consider a scenario: you’ve done the math, and your family budget allows for a long-awaited home addition. You’ve been imagining a brand new space where your family and friends can relax, entertain, socialize, dine, grow plants, or enjoy hobbies together.

After some careful thought, you’ve decided to pursue a sunroom, conservatory, orangery, or greenhouse addition. You can’t wait to let all of that natural light into your home! You’ve generated a list of requirements and goals, and you sit down at your computer and begin conducting research. The problem? It quickly becomes apparent that there are lots of competitors in your region, and each one is making very big promises. How do you find the company that’s right for you?


Why We’re New England’s Top Glass Construction Company


In this article, we’re going to discuss some of Sunspace’s unique strengths in the market we serve. We’re New England’s top custom glass space, sunroom, and conservatory company, and we’ve achieved our unblemished reputation by maintaining an absolute commitment to quality. Sunspace Design is a design-build firm that believes in a customer-first approach. Every project we develop is a collaborative partnership between our staff and the client.

So what are some of the advantages of selecting Sunspace Design as the company of choice for your sunroom, skylight, orangery, conservatory, greenhouse, or indoor pool enclosure needs? Let’s check them out:


A photo of a magnificent poolside mahogany conservatory and glass roof system located in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts


1. We Offer Creative Partnership


Our project development process allows you to establish your own level of creative involvement. From the moment you initially contact Sunspace Design to the day our team of professionals puts the finishing touches on your home’s brand new addition, you play an important role. A custom Sunspace experience takes into account your specific goals and needs. We’ll work closely with you to answer every conceivable question you might have, and our design will take into account your preferences, the intended function of your new space, and any design goals you have. We use a time-tested process to ensure that you know what’s happening at each step in the journey, and we’ll be in regular communication with you so that you’re never left wondering.


2. Your Home’s Style Informs the Look and Feel of Your Addition


Our designs are beautiful and seamless. Every home creates a unique visual impression, but many competitors ignore this fact. You’ve probably passed by a home with an enclosed patio or sunroom extension that seems as if it has been lifted from an entirely different structure and dropped into place. The effect can be jarring and ultimately disappointing to the homeowner. Whether your home is traditional, Victorian, colonial, or modern, we’re able to plot out and construct the perfect accompaniment. A Sunspace Design addition is meant to transition perfectly with the existing aesthetic of your residence. The end result is a glass addition that simply seems as though it belongs.


3. We Use the Industry’s Best Materials


We use only the very best materials, and we don’t sell cheap, prefabricated units. Vinyl and aluminum enclosures have been the most common products in the industry since the popular rise of glass space additions in the 70s, but we offer something better and longer-lasting. Our spaces are crafted using the finest mahogany and concealed steel, and our glass is produced by the country’s top manufacturers. If you’re going to make an investment in your home, you want that investment to last. Our ability to produce elegantly beautiful sunrooms, conservatories, orangeries, and other custom glass spaces doesn’t come at a cost to quality of construction. A Sunspace Design glass product is not only beautiful – it’s also functional and meant to remain a permanent part of your newly transformed home.


A conservatory with sloped glass roof elelents flooding the living space with natural light in Rye, New Hampshire


4. Sunspace Design Projects are Built for New England


We cater to every season. If you read through related articles on the web, you’ll probably come across a common set of assumptions about sunrooms and conservatories. Competitors will tell you that conservatories can only be enjoyed for 75% of the year due to the amount of glass used in their construction, or that sunrooms pose significant heating problems in highly changeable climates like New England’s. That might be true for the products offered by less reputable companies, but none of those concerns describes the quality of offering Sunspace Design provides. Our glass products can be enjoyed in any environmental condition, and we are experts at thermally regulating our glass spaces. We wouldn’t have over thirty-five years of history in New England if we didn’t know how to build structures that can withstand the most furious nor’easter.


5. Projects of Any Scale and Scope


We’re a team of designers and construction experts who can meet design challenges headfirst without resorting to inelegant solutions. As an example to illustrate the difference this makes, consider our line of skylights, roof lanterns, and custom glass roof systems. We’re able to construct glass roofs of any size: we’ve constructed skylights as long as forty feet, and we can produce them in any style. Many of our competitors are limited to using ganged skylights or mass-produced offerings. Simply put, we’ve been in the industry long enough to handle almost any situation or request. Your home deserves more than a generic, overpriced, structurally substandard addition. With Sunspace, we can offer you custom construction, unique design, and reasonable prices.


6. We’re On Budget and On Time


6. We understand the importance of sticking to a budget. Our team of professionals have over a hundred years of experience in the field and come from diverse backgrounds including business management, conventional construction, design, and carpentry. The last thing you want to go through when investing in a special project is an unending series of massive quote overruns. Because we’ve been doing this for so long, we know how to provide you with reasonable quotes that take the full project into perspective. We only begin a project after we’ve collected the necessary data to ensure that it’s done right. When you work with Sunspace Design, you’ll know what to expect, and we’ll be right there with you to carefully manage the process and make necessary adjustments along the way.


A member of Sunspace Design's expert team of conservatory, greenhouse, and glass space designers and construction technicians


7. We’ll Handle Paperwork and Permits


We know building codes in and out, and we can handle the paperwork that’ll make you want to pull your hair out. As the top sunroom company in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, we’ve seen it all. Every project offers unique challenges, and because we have so many years of experience under our work belts, we know what it takes to meet those challenges. A home addition must meet the necessary regulations in addition to being beautiful and well-built. No matter where you’re located, we’re able to assess your objectives and pinpoint problems before they become an issue. Our process has been refined over the years, so you won’t struggle to secure a building permit: we’ll do that for you. By taking a lot of the regulatory legwork out of the process, you’ll be free to play a more engaging role in the design stage. We not only want you to enjoy the end result; we also want you to be happy with the experience of working with us to get there.


8. We Solve Unique Problems


We’re able to handle special requests. Consider the elegant contemporary conservatory we built in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. This project required us to acquire approval for the Cambridge Historical Commission because of the historical importance of the district the construction was conducted in. This might lead to problems or significant delays for a less experienced design-build firm, but there’s a reason we’re the top sunroom and conservatory company in Massachusetts, and we were able to finish this project on time and on budget. Our clients were left satisfied, and we offer that same promise to you.


An interior-facing view of a spiral staircase from a bright contemporary conservatory located in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts


9. A Long History of Professional Collaboration


We’re professionals who know how to work with professionals. We’ve worked with other architectural, design, and build firms throughout New England. We’ve collaborated on projects ranging from modest conservatories to simple roof lanterns to sprawling, grand roof systems. If you’ve already chosen an architect and designer, no problem. We can work with you and your general contractor, or we can perform that role as required. The advantage of having a diverse team of professionals means that we can handle many different roles per the needs of a given project.


10. We Put the Client’s Needs First


We’re New Englanders through and through; our team members were born and raised in the region, so when you talk to a Sunspace Design representative, you’re speaking with someone who understands the unique design and construction needs of our service area. We’ve spent years developing our craft, and we’ve performed hundreds of field installations in virtually every section of the Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts seacoast. We’ve been described as “Maine’s best sunroom company” and “New Hampshire’s top conservatory build-firm” and as offering the “best sunrooms in MA”. From addressing the weather to working with the people, we understand how to offer value to the region.


Sunspace Design is Ready to Help


Whether you live in the Massachusetts-New Hampshire seacoast region, the Boston metropolitan area, or in a coastal Maine city like York or Ogunquit, Sunspace Design is able to provide you with a top-quality custom glass product.

Do you have a dream of relaxing indoors and looking up at the stars, making new family memories in a brand new space, taking in the scenic vistas of New England’s flora and fauna, having a beautiful and naturally-lit place to work, or simply growing seedlings in the warmth and beauty of our coastal sunlight? We can make your vision a reality. If you want an absolute guarantee that your money will be well-spent on the home addition you’ve worked hard for, don’t hesitate to reach out: let in some sun with Sunspace Design.

You can contact us today for more information using our handy online contact form, by dialing 1-800-530-2505, or via email by messaging info@sunspacedesign.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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