A Conservatory Glass Roof Lantern in Salem, MA

by | Jul 28, 2017 | Construction

Whether we’re using the latest CAD technologies to develop fully engineered architectural drawings, working in our well-equipped shop to prepare custom engineered glass components, or constructing your project at the job site, we have one overarching goal: to provide you with the finest custom glass construction in the industry.

Today’s Construction Showcase entry features a stunning conservatory built in Salem, MA. This is one of the few projects featured on our website where we were not the principal designers. We worked with Foley Fiore Architecture out of Cambridge, MA to realize a beautiful design that complimented the homeowner’s residence.

We had worked with Foley Fiore in the past, and we weren’t surprised by the gorgeous conservatory design they created for their client. As always, we were eager to offer our unique, custom services to help the project along. Our key role in the project was the provision of a custom engineered glass roof and lantern. Our components were brought in after the general contractor had prepared the site for us. We take pride in the relationships we maintain with some of the best architects, builders, and craftsmen in the industry and we think you’ll be pleased by the results of this collaboration.

As we explain on our page dedicated to partnerships with other industry professionals, our involvement in a project is flexible. We can simply manufacture and install key glass components, or we can handle a project’s design from scratch. It all depends on the needs of the client. In this case we served our client by ensuring that their new glass roof system would be a stunningly beautiful component of their brand new space. Let’s explore the process through the images below:

An architectural drawing of a conservatory with a custom glass roof lantern built and installed in Salem, Massachusetts

The architects at Foley Fiore Architecture created a beautiful conservatory design.
The design incorporates subtle, elegant glass roof details: our specialty!

An aging add-on room that's to be demolished in preparation for the construction of a brand new glass conservatory

Before work begins, an aging add-on room needs to be demolished.
This space will soon be transformed via the magic of our custom glass design process.

Sunspace Design shop workers mill rough mahogany into perfectly planed and dressed boards for use in construction

Our shop process involves the milling of rough mahogany.
The milling process can be tedious! Every board must be perfectly planed and dressed.

A photo of a rafter taken at at a cross-section in order to show how the rafter boards will conceal a steel flitch

This rafter will wrap a steel flitch and become a major structural component.
Our design team ensures that everything is concealed.

A structural ridge depicting the kingpost, steel flitch, and steel extensions of a Salem, MA glass roof lantern

This structural ridge depicts the kingpost, steel flitch, and steel extensions.
These will mortise into the tops of the glass roof lantern’s rafters.

The components of this glass roof system and lantern skylight have been neatly stacked before delivery to the job site

The shop components have been neatly stacked in preparation for delivery.

Another angle of the custom engineered components that will become a gorgeous glass roof system adorning a Salem, Massachusetts conservatory

Our gear and components are packed and ready for delivery and installation!
We bring each project from design to completion with the help of a trusted, expert construction team.

A photo depicting the conservatory walls which have been raised by the general contractor in preparation for Sunspace Design's glass roof installation

The general contractor has prepared the site for Sunspace Design.
The conservatory walls are up and the common wall is stripped.

The upper glass lantern of the custom roof system will be supported by these structural LVLs with steel plates

Structural LVLs with steel plates form the support for the upper glass lantern.

Another view of the lantern carrying beams taken from a low, canted angle

A view of the lantern carrying beams from below.
The custom glass roof components are beginning to take shape.

The solid wood conservatory roof system frame has been assembled, but no glass has been installed at this stage of construction

With the carrying beams in place, assembly continues.
Here’s an image of the completed solid wood conservatory roof system frame.

These shining panes of glass indicate that this phase of the roof system's assembly is complete

Installation of the lantern glass is complete.

Copper flashing and standing seam copper glazing caps shine atop the newly installed lantern glass

Copper flashing and standing seam copper glazing caps leave a striking impression.
This glass roof is going to be a sight for sore eyes!

The Sunspace crew continues work on the lower roof section in anticipation of installing additional glass

Our team continues on to the lower roof section.
Additional glass installation will soon begin.

A view of the standing seam copper roof caps from above

A view of the standing seam copper roof caps.
A nice touch!

A view of the brand new conservatory roof system taken from above

A view of the roof taken from above.
This photo really shows off the elegant design of the roof’s structural elements.

The exterior of the conservatory nears completion as Sunspace Design puts the finishing touches on the roof lantern elements

The exterior of the conservatory is almost complete!

The custom glass roof lantern allows massive levels of natural sunlight to enter the space below

A view of the custom glass roof lantern facing away from the interior entry.
This roof will introduce incredible levels of sunlight to the area below.

Another interior photograph of the completed conservatory space

Another view of the custom roof lantern.
The execution of this custom glass roof is truly stunning.

The bright morning sky is visible through the glass roof elements of this Salem conservatory project

The sky is the limit!

Sunspace Design has a role to play in your home addition or renovation project even if you’re working with another principal designer or contractor. Our years of experience in the industry have given us a great network of connections, and we commonly interact with other builders. If you need a custom glass component for your project, you or your contractor can reach us via our contact form, by picking up the phone and dialing 1-800-530-2505, or by writing us via email at info@sunspacedesign.com. If you want to let the light in, there is no better option than Sunspace Design.

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