A Corner Greenhouse in York, ME

by | Dec 6, 2021 | Construction

A major advantage of engineering our custom glass products and spaces in-house is that we’re able to tailor architectural solutions to a client’s specific needs. The York, Maine clients whose property features below asked Sunspace to replace an elevated deck located at the corner of their property. Our team proceeded to replace and rebuild a new, insulated deck floor, and then construct the greenhouse addition on top of it. The high quality aluminum framed greenhouse pairs wonderfully with the existing architecture, and is annexed directly to the home’s interior for ease of entry and exit. Let’s explore the build below.

A small deck is removed from the existing home’s corner in advance of new construction.

New, insulated deck flooring is installed in the same location.

Sunspace Design’s field installation team begins assembling the aluminum greenhouse frame.

High-performance insulated glass is installed in the walls.

The greenhouse is equipped with venting windows in its lower bays.

An interior view of the greenhouse mid-construction.
Note that insulated glass installation in the walls, roof, and roof vents is complete.

The new greenhouse is a perfect fit in the home’s corner, wth minimal architectural disruption.
Note that the roof vents are shown open.

The interior is outfitted with planting benches and shelving to complete a beautiful greenhouse workspace.
This new glass enclosure is accessible directly from within the home.

Are you a homeowner interested in one of our specialty glass products? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Each homeowner’s journey is unique, and if you hire us, we’ll work with you at each step of the way to ensure that the construction you receive achieves your design and performance objectives, and pairs beautifully with the look and feel of your residence. To begin, visit our contact form, provide your information, hit submit, and someone from our team will reach out to you.

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