A Custom Double Hip Skylight in Wellesley, MA

by | Dec 11, 2023 | Construction

Sunspace is now enjoying the busiest time of the year. Aided by the seasonal warmth, we’re a part of numerous custom glass construction projects in various states of completion throughout New England. Today we’re excited to share a project we recently completed in partnership with MASS Architect out of Milton, Massachusetts: a double hip steel framed skylight engineered and installed for clients in Wellesley, Massachusetts. MASS provided the skylight concept drawings, and Sunspace was responsible for shop drawings, fabrication, and field installation. The general contractor provided all preliminary framing as well as the structural curb for the skylight.

The skylight is framed in solid mahogany with a steel sub-frame. We used insulated, tempered glass atop heat-strengthened laminated safety glass with a PPG Solarban 70 coating. The  glass is dual sealed and argon gas-filled. We pride ourselves on our efficient process and are pleased to report that the field installation was completed in just under two days on the site.

An overhead plan view of the double hip skylight rafters.

A cross section view of the skylight.
Sunspace Design provided all of the shop drawings for this project.

The skylight perimeter frame is assembled first.

The steel sub-frame is added to the mahogany skylight frame.

The rafters are cut in advance.
Two coats of primer are applied in the shop.

The assembly of the ridge and king post is underway.

Hip rafter tenons are inserted into the king post mortise for a clean fit.

The solid mahogany and steel frame skylight is now assembled and ready for delivery!

The general contractor has the opening and curb prepared to sizing shown in the Sunspace Design shop drawings.
This skylight will provide the “wow!” factor for the new addition.

The completed skylight frame has been delivered to the construction site.
The frame is ready to be lifted by the crane operator!

The lifting begins.

The skylight is positioned, and rests securely on the curb.

The Sunspace Design installation team begins installing insulated glass.

The insulated glass is in place.

A view from the interior shows the skylight positioned on the curb.
The room is ready for interior finishes.

Copper flashing and capping is applied to clad the exterior.

The completed custom double hip skylight is now installed.
Time from start to completion: under two days!

A view of the completed interior.
The new skylight offers stunning views and ample sunlight.

The clients have transformed their space into the perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment.

Imagine cozy nights beside the fire with views of the stars above.

The new space flows seamlessly with the existing architecture.

The Sunspace Design engineered custom skylight is like a gem adorning the glass space.

The new space connects directly to an upper deck, and looks down onto a lower patio (seen here).

The possibilities are endless!

Our expert team of glass design and construction professionals is able to pair luxurious, custom construction with efficient installation practices. The result? Revolutionary glass additions and renovations delivered quickly, but without sacrificing quality. Our flexible services allow us to be your general contractor, or to serve as a custom glass subcontractor as is necessary. Are you ready to let the light in? Consider Sunspace Design. Submit your project details via our website’s contact form, by writing us at info@sunspacedesign.com, or dialing 1-800-530-2505.

Original Post Date: 2022-07-10
Last Updated: 2023-12-11

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