A Dormer Conservatory in Martha’s Vineyard, MA

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Construction

Today we’re taking a look at a custom glass dormer conservatory designed and constructed for clients located in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. To complete this project, Sunspace Design teamed up with Joseph K. Dick of Yarmouth Port, MA, who served as the principal architect, as well as Martha’s Vineyard Construction Company (MVCC) out of Martha’s Vineyard, who served as the general contractor. The project called for a custom glazing system and a center glass dormer to be situated on the contractor’s timber frame construction. The gorgeous glass roof has two valleys. A custom color flashing system was utilized to complete the look. Sunspace Design spearheaded the glass construction on the project by providing the design and manufacture of the glazing system, as well as the field installation of the high-performance insulated glass. Let’s explore the build one photo at a time.

The timber frame roof and dormer are under construction.

The dormer and valley rafters are in place. This creates the area in the front for triangular glass.

The frame is complete. We’re now ready to install the glazing system.

The glazing system has been installed over the timber frame.
Solarban 70 low-e insulated glass installation begins.

This view from above shows the completed glass installation.
We’re now ready for capping and flashing work to begin.

Freedom grey zinc-coated copper flashing is in place, complete with dormer ridge and valley flashing.

A view of the completed glass dormer and triangular glass front.

Work begins on the interior finishes for the new conservatory.

The insulated glass roof and custom flashing are installed.

We’ve done glass construction work in Martha’s Vineyard before, and we’re always thrilled to return to the area. This project is an excellent example of our company’s collaborative prowess. By teaming up with regional architects and general contractors, we were able to bring our unique glass design expertise to bear and play a critical role in a project that was completed efficiently and to the client’s satisfaction. We’re available to bring the glass touch to a project of yours today. Reach out to us and we’ll get started. It’s time to let the light in.

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