Health Benefits of Sunrooms and Other Glass Structures

by | Apr 27, 2018 | Planning

Most of the benefits of adding a custom glass feature to your home are clear as day. You’ll be able to entertain, rest, and work in a space that has been tailored to suit your needs and designed to pair beautifully with the established style of your home. You’ll be able to impress guests with the gorgeous architectural enhancement on display. And you’ll be able to relax knowing that you’ve completed a home improvement journey that has increased your property’s value in the most stylish way possible.

But some benefits are less obvious. Did you know that a custom glass space provided by Sunspace Design can improve your health? It’s true! There are a number of secret health benefits to owning a sunroom, conservatory, greenhouse, or other glass structure. Today we’ll be discussing a few of these hidden health benefits in greater detail. Consider these points before planning your next home renovation project – a sunroom or custom enclosure might be just the thing your body needs!


1. Glass Structures Provide the Ability to Exercise in Style (All Year)

A sunroom or conservatory can make the perfect home gym. Our flooring options are diverse and can be determined on the basis of your needs. Do you need an impact resistant surface that can handle heavy weights, scuffling shoes, and large pieces of exercise equipment without detracting from the visual impact of your brand new space? No problem!

And keep in mind that the vast majority of the structures we build are “four-season strong”, performing well across a range of environmental conditions. With a Sunspace Design swimming pool enclosure you’ll be able to enjoy the water throughout the year, and one of our sunrooms will have you racking up treadmill miles even in the coldest winter months.


A large swimming pool is fully enclosed by a Sunspace Design indoor pool enclosure featuring large glass roof elements, skylights, a pool cover, and seating area

This stunning swimming pool enclosure was installed by Sunspace in Carlisle, Massachusetts.
The result? 365 days a year of swimming in sunshine.

2. Fewer Harmful or Irritating Chemicals

Ever managed an outdoor pool? Homeowners with unenclosed pools know that maintaining the precise chemical balance is crucial to their investment’s upkeep. But home swimmers also know the flipside of this: red, itchy eyes and irritated skin. Minor chemical reactions of this sort are usually viewed as a necessary evil. That’s because a failure to properly regulate a pool’s pH can result in algal build-up and bigger problems down the line. We offer a solution. A pool enclosure will significantly reduce the pollutants and pathogens that enter your waters in the first place. This means easier maintenance and fewer chemical additives.

The same holds true for greenhouse owners. Because a greenhouse enclosure allows you to carefully control the interior conditions, you’ll also have more control over the growth cycles of your plants. Your seedlings will have a chance to mature into vibrant, productive plants without the need for harmful pesticides.

3. Get Rid of Obnoxious and Harmful Pests

Whether you’re a green thumb actively growing plants or simply someone who enjoys the outdoors, a glass enclosure can serve as the ideal filter for the surrounding environment, letting in all the light and air you love while blocking unwanted insects and pests. That means less bugspray, fewer bites, and another reason to cut back on the pesticides. We have another term for that sort of thing: the best of both worlds.

4. Control Your Own Food Supply

Our greenhouses will enable you to provide your family with a source of fresh, homegrown vegetables and fruit throughout the year. You’ll know where your food is coming from and what went into growing it. Even better: you’ll have a guarantee that your food is free from the preservatives, unnecessary chemicals, and synthetic flavorings all too common in the supermarket aisle.


A Sunspace Design greenhouse built in Maine features fully stocked shelves, a watering area, and plenty of space for extra supplies

This well-stocked greenhouse is going to provide its owners with vibrant plant life and tasty produce.
No pests means no pesticides!

5. Natural Sunlight Can Lower Blood Pressure

Believe it or not, a team of British researchers confirmed in 2014 that exposure to sunlight can have a small but significant effect on your blood pressure. In people with normal blood pressure, the difference was statistically significant at two to five points, and the operators of the study have hypothesized that the difference may be even greater in people already prone to high blood pressure. What does this mean for the typical Sunspace client? That all of the natural sunlight our line of glass products can introduce to your home not only looks beautiful – it’s good for you as well.

6. Speaking of Natural Sunlight: It’ll Improve Your Mood, Too

We’ve known for a long time that exposure to sunlight increases the levels of serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter thought to be closely related to well-being and overall feelings of happiness. Do you or does someone in your family suffer from seasonal affective disorder? Increasing the quality of sunlight exposure you receive can help.

Whether you’re curling up in the private oasis of your sunroom or conservatory, hard at work beneath the sun’s rays in your greenhouse workspace, or doing laps beneath the skylights of your custom pool enclosure, one thing can be sure: the sunshine will do you good.


7. Glass Structures Like Sunrooms and Conservatories Can Boost Vitamin D Levels

Ultraviolet B radiation (UVB light) transforms cholesterol molecules stored in your skin into Vitamin D. That’s why Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin”! Carefully controlled sunlight exposure is important for your body, and Vitamin D plays crucial roles in a number of processes. Anything that makes exposure to sunlight more convenient and reliable can help optimize your levels of naturally occurring Vitamin D. That’s where our glass structures come in – open those windows up and let the sun shine!


This large family conservatory-style sunroom featuring a skylight roof element and tall glass windows is the perfect space for a home gym

What would you do with a gorgeous glass structure like this one?
With full, bright windows and glass roof elements, you’ll enjoy the sun throughout the year.

We hope this list has given you a sense of how one of our custom glass enclosures can help improve your health. The truth is that anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in one of our glass structures reports the same feeling of relaxation and contentment. Introducing crucial glass elements to your home essentially tears down one more barrier between you and the natural environment. This alone is enough to provide a sense of much needed peace in the often chaotic and stressful modern world.

Whatever your dreams for your new space might be, we’re here to help you realize them. We hope to hear from you and your family as you consider your home renovation options. For more information about how we can bring the Sunspace touch to your home, give us a call at 1-800-530-2505, submit a contact form via our convenient contact page, or send us an email at

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