A Lantern Skylight in Lexington, MA

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Construction

Skylights, roof lanterns, and glass roof systems represent one of our most popular custom glass product categories. Part of the reason is their versatility. We previously discussed a few of the skylight styles and skylight locations our clients might be interested in, but these articles only capture a fraction of what’s possible. Skylights and glass roof elements can be introduced to almost any space, and are available in virtually every size and style. You can revolutionize your home with the beauty and warmth of natural sunlight and you won’t have to expand your footprint to do so.

Today’s construction showcase features a gorgeous lantern skylight designed in partnership with Colin Smith Architecture. This true gem of a Massachusetts skylight was completed on a client’s property in Lexington. Let’s investigate the construction process in greater detail:

Two engineered structural drawings of the front and side elevation of a lantern skylight ot be installed in Lexington, Massachusetts

Front and side elevations of the lantern skylight to be installed at a Lexington, MA residence.
Drawings like these are crucial and ensure that every installation is precise.

This drawing depicts the custom glass lantern skylight's roof plan

A look at the lantern skylight’s roof plan.
Most of our projects receive multiple, fully engineered drawings that address every detail.

The lantern skylight will feature a mahogany frame that is being prepared in advance at the Sunspace Design workshop

The skylight’s mahogany frame is being prepared in our workshop.

A member of the Sunspace Design team is seen fitting the copper cladding to the skylight frame

A member of the crew fits the copper cladding to the frame.

The residential skylight frame has been installed on the job site in preparation for the next set of skylight elements

Onsite installation of the lantern frame has been completed in advance.

A crane operator is seen lifting the roof section of the skylight into position with expert care

A crane operator raises the roof section of the skylight into position.

This view shows that the skylight frame and skylight roof section have been joined together

The lantern frame and skylight roof section are assembled.

The lantern walls are about to receive a full range of high performing glass panes

The next step is to install brand new glass in the lantern walls.

A view of the skylight's roof glass installed and ready

The roof glass is set into place next.

An exterior view of the lantern skylight with bright copper cladding under construction at this Massachusetts residence

This exterior view gives us a great look at the copper cladding.

Here we see the LVL support beams and skylight curb visible from the interior of the newly renovated space

A view of the LVL support beams and curb from the interior.

This is a great view of the finished space, with windows lining the walls and a gorgeous lantern skylight above

A glimpse of the finished interior space.

This view of the finished lantern skylight really shows off the crown molding and finished ceiling details

Another view of the elegant lantern skylight. Note the crown molding and finished ceiling.

Are you interested in adding a skylight to your home? Don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you as you begin your journey. We can be reached through our convenient contact form (just fill it out and hit ‘submit’!), via email at info@sunspacedesign.com, or by dialing 1-800-530-2505.

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