Kittery Point, Maine

Project Overview

This classic Victorian conservatory is the perfect addition to a home rich in history.

An interior view of a Sunspace Design-built custom Victorian conservatory's glass roof and clerestory windows transmitting sunlight to the interior of the room in Kittery Point, Maine

✓ The project features a custom, octagonal, insulated glass and wood roof.
✓ The roof was constructed in the shop, transported to the site, and raised in place to reduce on site construction time.
✓ The roof system features solid wood framing and fiberglass R-21 insulation in the walls.
✓ Glass units feature sputter coated low-e sun control properties.

Project Description

An architectural CAD drawing of a custom octagonal glass roof designed and engineered for a Victorian conservatory

Kittery Junction was originally constructed by the York Harbor & Beach Railroad Co. between 1886 and 1887. In the days when the locomotive was the preferred method of transportation for much of America’s population, this project site provided both passenger and freight service between Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and York Beach, Maine. It was usually the case that a train station constructed during this period would have its own unique architecture, and this site was no exception.

Now privately owned, this structure proudly stands overlooking Barrell’s Pond. To capture this view, the new owner approached our design team with a vision of a master bedroom Victorian conservatory facing the serene body of water. Respectful of the existing architectural details, Sunspace Design worked to bring this vision to reality using our solid conventional walls, custom Marvin windows, and a custom shop-built octagonal conservatory glass roof system. This combination enabled us to meet strong energy efficiency requirements while creating a classic Victorian conservatory that met the client’s hopes.

The glass roof system was constructed in the shop, transported to site, and raised in place to reduce on site construction time. With windows and doors provided by a top window manufacturer, the 2’ x 6’ wall construction gave us complete design control. With solid wood framing, fiberglass R-21 insulation in the walls, and sputter coated low-e sun control properties in the custom glass roof system, the construction is both structurally and thermally sound. The end result is a comfortable Victorian conservatory addition that can easily withstand the harsh elements of a Maine winter.

We’ve been designing and building conservatories in New England since 1981. This project stands as a model of our commitment to quality. We utilize this construction process for all of our sunrooms, skylights, conservatories, and orangeries to ensure a final product that is unsurpassed in quality and performance.

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